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Thread: Clanners, a call to reason!

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    Re: Hi Kung...

    Originally posted by Nelida
    My experience is that they will sail on whatever self-serving wind blows their way.
    As a Captain of the CoA Guard I do my duty to protect and do all I can for anyone who asks. The people you are talking about sound like mockers. Selfserving as they are...I live to help others. And the CoA has given me a venue to do just that. I give all that I can to others out of the goodness of my heart. I have 200k in my bank account because of my generosity. My generosity comes from the moral feelings that the CoA has instilled in me. As an Officer of the CoA Guard I give all that I can. Please dont think the CoA is here for any "selfserving winds" we are here for the people. All the guards under me, are instructed that while on duty the are to buff people that ask, for free. No tips accepted. We want to show people that we are serious about helping and protecting them. I dislike the harsh words that are continually used about our organization. You all seem to think that the CoA has the exact same views as the CAS. Following is the mission statment of the CoA:

    "The mission of the CoA is to protect the Clans until a time when a proper government is established. The CoA does not want to govern the clans in any form. Only to protect the common freedoms that we all share, and are threatened by OmniTek. At such a time that a new Clan Government is established and the CoA is ordered to disband, we will immediately comply. We are here to protect you and want nothing in return."

    So if you still have a problem with that please come speak with me. I will be glad to give you any more information you would need on the CoA. I only ask that you not publically slander us without having correct information about our organization and the things we stand for.

    (Disassociate the CAS leadership and CoA leadership in your mind and you will understand and begin to see what we are really here for. As I have stated the CAS is part of the CoA, but they are not the CoA.)

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    Originally posted by Charles
    I have here in my posession a legitimate ID-Scan of a CAS member attacking the 2HO outpost trying to hijack a Goliath with a myraid of other clanners. Care to explain and offer a more believable excuse than Omni is evil and you are acting in self defense by hijacking Omni property, property which is not yours?

    Are you sure it is just an accident that a CAS member were not working for your clan's own selfish interests in usurping Omni-Tek to instate only yourselves as Rubi-Ka's rightful masters?

    I offered the clanners in question the option to surrender yet they ended up by teaming up and specifically targeting me out of the rest of the Omni defenders present.

    CoA and CAS, you lie.

    Once again Charles please disassociate the CoA and the CAS. Though they are a part of the CoA, they are not the whole of the CoA. You all seem to thing that the CAS is the CoA. The CoA is a Clan Organization, not to be associated with any one guild as it is made up of many. I will stop reiterating my point now, I think you all understand by now.
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    Greetings Kithrak, Nel, Cy, and others,

    The gravaman of the debate for CAS and for the CoA is whether RK is to enjoy a Republican future, or whether the good souls of this planet are to be ruled by a Corporation.

    Kithrak, Redruum and I et with you and invited you in good faith to partake in the CoA--to lend your voice as one among equals--despite being Omni, for Republicanism recognizes no factions. You did not accept that invitation, but at the same time desired more time to respond as to whether Republicanism was a future to be desired by all free peoples of RK. I would like to hear your opinion as a prominent Omni as to this vision of a common future--a future in which ex-Omni, ex-Clan and ex-Neutrals can live in civil society as Rubikans according to the Rule of Law.

    Nel, my lovely friend, you speak of action. We have put together a defensive alliance CoA of good-willed clanners for a Republican vision for all peoples. We have implemented Republican principles within our clan--conducting open and free elections--to elect our leadership. We struggle to unite clanners of good-will to unite under a Republican vision--against an unnatural, dehumanizing Corporate control. Are these not actions enough for you to at least partake in the CoA to lend your voice? If you are disgruntled about the direction of CoA--then pls partake in it and make known your valuable opinion.
    Kungwho Buddha-Bellied MA
    Zapsta Notum-Plump NT
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