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Thread: 203 supple set (lowest +21, still tl4 range)

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    203 supple set (lowest +21, still tl4 range)

    Full 203 supple set
    Lowest +21
    Still in tl4 range (+21 gets into tl5)
    Niche pvp twink set to be cssd or ccd or plenty for s10 twink (mbc doc or crat etc)
    Pm Urfat/Drlol/Roflols
    Would also trade or value several items in trade
    Abandoning a twink, so really dont need it, but has come in handy for equipping things. Not exactly high demand but killer for a tl4 twink or a lazy s10 ranged. Marginal ac loss and -14 skills from the ever popular 225 lol. Pm if interested...

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    Not buying it, but ql 204 (ql 211 hits TL5) is better. It's still TL4 but has +11 aao instead of +10.
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