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Thread: A thread to old RK1

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    Hi Old RK1

    Every time I look at these forums I die a little more, and feel the ache of the loss of all the good times I had in this game. No other MMO has ever recaptured the magic, fun, and friendships I made here. I was looking at my account page because I had to make a new password to reactivate my forum account and couldn't believe it's been almost 5 years since I last logged into the game.
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    Hi Old RK1.

    I used to be known as Loverly in the early 2010's for a few brief comebacks, and Katania before that back in the old days. I resubbed last night just to take a look around. Last I played there was a bot in our chat called Guildbot that linked my (sentinels) org with a bunch of nice neutral folks and I can't even remember half of their names. I vaguely remember raiding with Joulette and Biancha and Lazy, but don't have my friendslist anymore due to the merge. Anyone I'd know still around?

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