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Thread: A thread to old RK1

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    A thread to old RK1

    Hey fellas! Been a while , was just wondering if there is anyone still around from the old rk1 faces?
    Say something if you're still addicted to this game I might resub so we can have some more fun.

    (And a silly question , is this still the Multiboxing version of AO pvp , or Funcom finally got rid of that?)


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    MB is still around, more so I think.
    There are some old players still around, I see names once in a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazy
    clearly, it's all because arbalest is clan-only. all the omnis pvpers went clan for arbalest and all the omni pvmers went clan for the 35% xp buff so now the ratio of clan to omni is 9:1 herp derp clan favouritism herp derp devs are clan.

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    There is no multiboxing in PvP anymore.

    Wars are more fun than at any other point in AO history. Even TL7 wars have become rather awesome seeing how they are now big skirmishes instead of blob wars where the side with the better caller wins.

    A lot of people reactivated with the Steam launch it seems. I see a lot of old faces around and ICC is teeming with froobs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tergx
    If one of the few traders are PvPing around you and land GTH on you, take a trip to decon and it will be gone. What's the big deal hehe.

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    There is no MB in PVP. Havent really seen any in PVM either lately.
    Anyone who says otherwise does not play the game, just trolls the forum

    Welcome back!
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    Still here, and so is Storm.

    Leveling has never been easier, consequently longtime players now have many characters, you may have walked right past an old friend without knowing it.
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    Hello, currently froob and fighting the itch to resub, for a month... yeah, just a month...
    Server first !!! Neutral Solitus Male Soldier named Boltgun to wear a short with pink spots on RK1 !!!
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    Asuh dude. I'm currently on another haitus. Might come back once I sort out rl stuff.

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    ohai, nino nino nino and stuffs
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    Still lots of people from RK1 around and playing. MB in PVP is alive and well, just not as much as before. No boxing at towers unless Norbi comes for the clanners, where Bemboa logs his ^^
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    Lies! It's all dead. Hi
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluecheeze2
    Hey Lazy! I know you're lazy, but I tried to send a message to Breakme / Priestess and they're not accepting private tells. Can you please post this in the thread lmao! 1 time only!

    Bluecheeze here I'm still playing on Cheezy<whatever>. I.e - Cheezysmite, Cheezus, Cheezyrevive, etc. I would respond to your post, but I'm banned on the forums and restricted to sliding in your DM's instead lmao.

    Hope all is well and hope to see you in-game!

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    im still around but jesus i think the last time I logged in was years and years ago back when the shadowlands were still a new thing

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    oh wow so many familiar faces ^^i actually reactivated and i see people i played with 10 years ago

    Hi Lazy, Bluecheeze , Mulator , Dyst and Carloss Nice to see u arround

    Lazy i hope u sort ur **** out soon so we might see ingame =p
    Cheers buds!

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    Sup mate, wb.
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    Better stick to killing. Youre much better ganker than song writer.

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    we can never go back

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    Ohai <3

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    Formerly Vhab.
    Once upon a time ruled a server. And then sold out. Sorry.

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    Hi, how you doing V ? And bump for my old Bulgerian mate.

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