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    Actually I've been seeing a lot of people hanging in OA lately. Bor has been pretty empty, as has ICC. Not sure about Omni cities. It's nowhere close to the numbers we were seeing back in 2007 but still, it's not as bad as I thought it might be, especially if there really are that many people loitering in the BS Hub, LoX hub and around Ergo in Inf, etc.

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    Bring Conan Exile Character Creation to Anarchy

    Bring the character creation from Conan Exile and I guarantee you will see the newbie area repopulated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazy View Post
    I confess I clicked on that link kinda hoping for another MS Paint stick figure drawing.
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    i might be a troll

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    "loitering culture" that, it's true. don't base a games state on one area, period, this game is, and has always been in flux as far as where people choose to chill, I mean, it's hard to believe but it was once RBB for Omni, then it was the BS area, then it was BS 'areas' (esp. NLD for tl5), and back to!t changes, keep up slow poke. go do something instead of waiting for AO to be a cartoon chat prog :P
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