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Thread: Drone skill reqs

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    Drone skill reqs

    Can we get the requirements to use and skill locked on the drones reconsidered? The disparity between users is pretty large. For those who don't know, the drones are pvp dmg/debuff usable items that go in UTILS1 and require 1000 sharp obj. Maybe require a certain amount of CL or body dev or something? Just to illustrate my point I will summarize what I deem the best and worst users (IMO):

    Agent user:
    IP cost of 724890 for base skill of 1338
    In all Xan Alphas (+289)
    Access to cheap and heavy hitting Sharp Obj. (Tear of Oedipus, and most others as well)
    Has their own roots

    Engineer user:
    IP cost of 971850 for base skill of 1056
    No symbiant support, and for implants conflicts with Shotgun/pistol in hand, conflicts with pistol/runspeed in wrist
    Can only use generic/expensive Sharp Obj. (Kizzermole Gumboil/Lava Capsule)
    Must forego one of the two available root grafts, as it locks the same skill as the drones.

    There is already too much **** like this on engineer. Max ME for one weapon. Max Chem for one perk. Max Nano Init for one nano. Up Sensory Improvement for one nano.

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    Things for michi to fix, bump!
    Don't you just hate this kind of ppl

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