The mail and GMI system seems to run on a cron type job every 5 minutes, which means it builds up a queue of everything waiting to be sent and then executes it once every 5mins or so. So if you buy something from the GMI you can be standing at the mailbox waiting for up to 5minutes or you can get it almost instantly depending on where in the 5 minute cycle you made the purchase. The wait times are really frustrating and seems like there's no good reason there is such a long cycle, I mean if there was some kind of slow verification that needed to happen then it wouldn't make sense that you can purchase something in the last 5 seconds of the cycle and it's sent right away. The cycle just seems to instantly send all items in the queue every 5minutes.

There can't be much stuff in the queue each time so is there any reason it can't be every 1 minute? If there's a reason it needs to be long please tell let us know.