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Thread: "Balance soon"

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    "Balance soon"

    (23:18) [Social] Player: michi, do we get some more balance-stuff in pvp with the reck-patch?
    (23:19) [Social] Michizure (GM): If not in this patch, it'll come very soon after, as itll have my focus for a brief while."

    this was Feb 2016, now Mai, <3 lies
    Carolus Hekthor Priamos - Advisor of S.I.N.C

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    or still in the "soon after" period. Gfx update was "Soon" for what... 10 years?

    Give the guy a break, he has a new game to make!
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    be glad that michi need so much time for it - Agent will lose the ability to cast some FP Nanos...

    Michi works on the new conan survival game
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