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Thread: new npc

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    new npc

    When you start in Arete Landing they have added a new npc if you run into the dropship right at start, he'll give you a package to take to the icc arbiter, and tell you not to care whats in it, hadnt seen that mentioned in the patch notes

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    and if you did care... whats in the package? I like suprises!
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    Do not open it ! It's a bomb
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    yeah . . you really don't want to open it

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    Do NOT press the red button

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    Heads up, need to be lvl 5 to get mish.
    And what's inside is pretty awsome, much more valuable than that single point for turning it in
    Don't you just hate this kind of ppl

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    Well, spit it out, whats in it?!
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    1 million space bucks?

    Tell us, or subject yourself to more terrible guesses.
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    There's Cake in the box!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Literary View Post
    There's Cake in the box!
    Space cake?

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