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Thread: Dust it Off SK reward?

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    Dust it Off SK reward?

    Is there a cut off level for which you recieve the SK reward? People keep telling me about the huge SK they're getting off it and my 219 doc has recieved exactly 0 both times he's done it. (I'm LE 70 and Research slider is at 0 anyway. And no disable XP gains is not ticked on, I'm getting SK from mobs just fine.) Maybe it's because he's very close to 220 and it'd ding him and as with tradeskill XP, the game blocks that from levelling him?

    As if doing all that only to get a gun for his troubles wasn't insulting enough, he gets no SK either. So what gives?

    (22:03) Side tokens collected: 7263.
    (22:03) ICC Commendations: 4.
    (22:03) You've received an item as mission reward!
    (22:03) Mission accomplished.
    (22:03) You got a new mission.

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    The same applies for research. I've done the quest many times on a 220, which still needs a lot of research, yet never received and XP reward. Not fair

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