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Thread: AO Skintool 2.5

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    Exclamation AO Skintool 2.5

    Recently I updated this tool (thanks to Saavick for prodding me about the is old tool and pointing out a bug with it).

    Some old threads on the AO forum references a old GridStream forum post that no longer exists so those links are now broken.

    You can now get the tool from or if you prefer HTTPS from

    I'm redesigning my personal site so the current look of that page is temporary.

    AO-Skintool's purpose was to replace the current/old scripts and myriad of tools at the time (2001-2006) that existed to extract and compile the AO GUI skin, and planet map. It is able to extract just about all skins and planetmap images be it old gui/new. RK and SL. It's able to do skin file extraction/compiling, planetmap extraction/compiling. It is small, fast, simple, easy. It does what it does and that's it! Uses OptiPNG to optimize the size of PNG files to a minimum filesize (optional choice during compiling of skin/maps).

    Changes from last version (which was v2.4 released in 2006):
    • Code updated to compile under PureBasic v5.42.
    • "New" (2007?) AO skin format supported so decompiling and compiling GUI skins work again.
    • Negative MapRect support added so the old AoRK map and others can be decompiled without getting a error. .
    • Extraction of AO GUI skins that use JPG or BMP is supported, if AO-Skintool is unable to recognize the image format it will extract them as .raw files instead. If JPG or BMP skins exists or are actually supported by AO is another matter though.
    • Removed all arbitrary limitations, map texturesize can now be whatever AO supports (default is still 128 though).
    • Renamed the optimize PNG menu items.
    • Redid the installer to match the behaviour of the one used for GridStream Player v5.0.
    • Installer no longer require administrator access to install.
    • Changed where settings are saved.
    • Changed how temporary files are created.
    • Metainfo stripped from PNGs.
    • Edited the manual some and cleaned stuff up.
    • Basic High DPI display support added.
    • Changed the path and filerequesters a little, added remembering of all paths to saved settings.
    • Skin compiling now shows progress while optimizing instead of halting during the optimize stage.
    • AO Skintool is now released under the zlib license.
    • Various other improvements/tweaks.
    • Included OptiPNG v0.7.5.
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    Very nice, thank you for making this update

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