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Thread: An MP's best friend at 220?

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    An MP's best friend at 220?

    Hi, I've recently redubbed and looking at getting my 200 it's first shadowlevels and finally getting into endgame pvm. I love our prof and always felt MP was the most "me", even though it's taken on and off 2 years to hit 200.

    If you had a second account and could dual log any toon to support your MP (strictly for pvm), what would it be and why?

    Side-note: something to cover the MP's deficiencies rather than carry them. Not engi or doc, I enjoy all other profs equally. Cheers in advance.

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    To be honest, one of the strengths of MPs is (or were?) the ability to be pretty self-sufficient. You got a tank, a healer and crowd control all by yourself. Because Mps are balanced all over, they lack a real weakness as well as they lack a real strong side. So imo none of the specialized profs would really help you out.
    So I'd pick a similarly self-sufficient prof that does not require much attention, so is more duallog friendly. Engi, crat, keeper comes to mind
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    Id guess a Soldier would be ideal as itll take aggro relatively easy, works well with chain perks and is Tanky especially mixed with the Metaphysicist damage drains
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    trader to cast your 225 pet with less swap -_-
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    Thanks for the responses guys - already got sold, crat and keeper in teamable range so testing those out in more depth. Massively agree that being a jack of all trades is both a help and hindrance, guessing MP's best partner more comes down to the task at hand then.

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