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Thread: [Clan] Not in a guild

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    [Clan] Not in a guild

    Yes, that's right. Now you have the opportunity to return to your former status of "Not in a guild". If you long for the days when you could whois yourself and see those beautiful letters "Not in a guild" in the guild column next to your level and AI level, now is the time to join the clan organization "Not in a guild".

    We offer a ql300 AI city in Montroyal, because who doesn't want to have an AI city in Montroyal?
    New recruits will be given Executive rank and the ability to raid the city when it is not in use by other members.
    We also offer raid assistance with end-game raids for members who are having difficulty getting what they need from raids. We are capable of helping with Zods, TNH, Beast, 12man, Mitaar, Vortexx, PoH, etc.

    For more information or invites send a tell to one of the following people:

    Fruitypebble - Director
    Qatana - Board Member
    Quintaro - Board Member
    Xhelestra - Board Member
    Bereal - Board Member

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    "Meliz" Crat
    "Snoopdooog" MA
    "Melizabe" Sol
    "Hozpital" Arguably best 2016 doc
    "Sleekiez" The swiftest meeper ingame!
    "Cruzade" Will see you!
    "Stitmeistr" TL5 Enf
    "Cruzad3" 86 Agent
    "Treatmate" 86 Enf
    "Dankengine1" 39 Nanite FP Trader
    "Behekills" 21 Enf

    We Win, You Lose
    We Live, You Die
    Rebirth is recruiting! Check our thread on the forums for more info Forum Link
    Or check out our Informational Site
    Or apply today Rebirth Forums

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    bump 4 number 1 ao org
    Bereal - 220/30/70
    Cptslapahoe - 220/30/70
    Ganktastic - 220/30/70
    Xhelestra - 220/30/70
    Rngesus - 220/30/70
    Verbose - 220/30/70
    Classically - 220/30/70

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