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Thread: lol agent perks STILL not reverted back to rifle vs dodge after new boc?

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    probably not best to advertise that you are sharing accounts

    And yes agents are stupid powerful and it's gotten even worse with awakened beast armour. They basically lost no AR, gained hp and got another CH

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    Quote Originally Posted by Artyomis View Post
    I totally support ya on this one and I fail to see why Funcom needs a month to fix that.
    I'm clearly sure that it takes no longer than 5 mins to change checks on some perks of an agent and pop minor update on a server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mesa View Post
    bump :P

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    Agent Online

    wy we even bother roling sumting else fo pvp :S

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    Quote Originally Posted by June View Post
    wy we even bother roling sumting else fo pvp :S
    I stopped rolling in 2013.

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    2800 AR at 170 agent is nice.
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    Speaking from 151-200 bs, agent is vastly overpowered now and i think part of the blame lies with crats for funcom,
    Having 2.75k static defence means nothing these days (200 crat) since i can be perked by enf, ma, agent, trader, engi, personally i believe only enfs should have the ar to perk me, but agents perk me through cib, if they fail to alpha (which most cases they dont) they have ch, 20k hp, and 11s as to kite me and pets.

    As i posted in crat forums im thinking of leveling it and stick to playing my soldier/mp who can happily tank agents but even then they can still kite for the win.

    Pull your finger out funcom and listen to YOUR PLAYERS.

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    Us Agents are fine... Leave us alone!
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