Hello Michi,

at first, very nice and funny Instance! Great work

But there are two Bugs i think...

At Boss Nr. 3 is at the second wave one of the Sacrefice still line of site (Stucked in Geometry). Its the Sacrefice nr.1 on right side (Entrance, Face to Boss).
At Final Boss there are a bug with the Portal. Only 5 of us can step to final boss, still one ppl cant zone and the system is calling something like "[...] Instance has reached the maximum of players [...] bla bla"

Finally, the respawn from mosters is horrible, maybe some more portals are usefull. It would be awesome if we can zone, for example, to endboss portal if we have defend the third boss....
I think, the "massdrop" of Weapons are not really usefull, at first you can only enter with 201+ and when you are 201+, you can loot the Weapon upgrades from Xan and equip Xan weapons Maybe less weapons and more Huds would be better.

Sorry for my fail english, but i hope it helps you to fix some bugs^^