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Thread: Awakened Beast Armor

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    Awakened Beast Armor

    Here are the stats if anyone hasn't seen them yet.

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    Forgot the neck. Depending on the stats of the 5k Boards its might have uses for high HP setups and Neuts might like this over the Xan base boards.

    Req: 1950 Computer Literacy

    Max Health 3000
    Max Nano 3000
    Runspeed 300
    Computer Literacy 100
    Treatment 50
    NCU 50
    ACs 500 each

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    So they really only get 15 points extra per stat they already increased, extra ac's (which I believe don't matter after 10k AC's if I remember correctly), and then the other stats that aren't skill-affecting like HP or NCU get boosted and rounded to nice flat numbers (Cuirass of Obstinancy gives 240 hp, the upgraded one gives 500). People may or may not pick up a piece or two that can help their class to wear, but I think AI armor still is king (the extra damage you get+add all off on pieces like Combined Commando's). Does anyone know if it gets a new model as well, or if its going to be a reskin, just like a bunch of the xan weapons?

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    Those more abilities / Treatment might make things possible now that weren't before...
    Legendfluff (with many accounts of froobs)

    Froob Level 5 Collar:
    Froob atrox Lv5 Collar:

    With the onset of awakened beast armor, we can now equip Alpha chest on Atrox Soldiers & Alpha Brain on Atrox Doctors.

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    ACs are only capped in PVP from what I've read but I never tested it, PVM I've seen ACs working past as much as 20k so the extra ACs don't hurt for tanks/support profs.

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    alpha brain on trox doc now doable?

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    Ya, was doable already IF you had some Einstein's Mind Booster Cocktail (didn't see any myself but others said it dropped in New infs and such) but now the ABoC + Sigil make it much easier.

    *Appears Atrox Solds can also get Alpha chest on with it*
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    This ^^...

    All my 220's have alphas on except my soldier who has... beta chest... for years now, for no good reason except it was impossible. But now? 15 extra treatment, 15 extra all abilities... DAYUM! I hope I am not to old for twinking.
    Quote Originally Posted by Michizure View Post
    This'll be fixed for the next patch

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    You won't get to use that extra 15 treatment heh,

    Gauntlet +10
    Hercules pill(still drops) +5 str/stam/agility
    Awakened BoC +15

    Top contracts 26/28/28/28/31/31
    Treatment tower(not needed)
    usual buffs etc

    1414 Strength
    1280 Agiltiy
    1422 Stamina
    1203 Intel
    978 Sense
    1278 Psychic

    2124 Treatment

    This is just with what we know atm, other huds/utils, weapons and possibly armor is still incoming.
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    This is another example of bad development and "trox love"
    With items like that atroxes will be able to equip anything ingame...
    I hoped Michi had some knowledge of AO and common sense, but I think I was wrong ...
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    Agree with awi tbh, breeds need to be a choice of pros and cons due to ability caps, not solely to do with ai perks.

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    less so now that MR has been nerfed into the ground and we've moved away from atrox online. breed perks have been changed in such a way that every breed is "balanced" and it's no longer a choice between going atrox and having 1500 free AR at a tradeoff of not having the best gear vs having the best gear on another, worse breed. now that all breeds are equal it makes sense that all breeds can get all alphas in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cratertina View Post
    This ^^...

    All my 220's have alphas on except my soldier who has... beta chest... for years now, for no good reason except it was impossible. But now? 15 extra treatment, 15 extra all abilities... DAYUM! I hope I am not to old for twinking.
    Engy atrox will be able to do Alpha brain too! "maybe"
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    Nhaundar 216/16 Trox enf <3 equip

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    I just find the requirement in CL quite high.. It was a stat that I kinda was saving IP on..

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    I'm liking the stats of that new Beast Armour. I'm wondering though, is this a whole new set of armour that will drop, or will there be an upgrade device (like Xan WU) that will drop so that you can apply it to the existing armour set?
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    I say this with no certainty. But I believe it was said it was an upgrade. Although would be kind of cool to have a new set of armor with an updated skin/model. Waste of space for some and would maybe make Beast/pande irrelevant and maybe as an upgrade it keeps people doing beast for parts they are missing. But I like new models XD.

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    Most likely a upgrade, and yes the new beast armor comes with a new skin. Its kinda of a weird blue instead of orange.

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    Geif screenies, i dont play anymore :c
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    The stats are mediocre in most non twinking areas I had hoped for something stronger or a different approach the upgrade is long overdue. I would like a red/black skin at least for this. I always wanted to see that color scheme on beast armor.

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    Needs heal delta on various pieces if not all of them.

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