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Thread: Hued Sewer Scuttler ... Times Three for Fixers

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    Hued Sewer Scuttler ... Times Three for Fixers

    Did something change with the loot formula for shadowlands chests?

    In the past I would occasionally get two Hued Sewer Scuttler's with my fixers from opening chests in Shadowlands static dungeons ... just one with all my other toons.

    Now I am getting Three Hued Sewer Scuttlers every time with my fixers. It is not possible to stay alive while having three Hued Sewer Scuttlers attacking you ... at least not if you are doing the dungeon "at level" and are not some super-star twink.

    Is there a reason fixers always get more Hued Sewer Scuttlers? And/or Why the quantity was changed to Three?


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    I think the number spawned is related to the B&E or some other stat's value. In the same dungeons I usually get more spawns with lower level toons then with higher. Getting 3 scuttlers is common for all my toons no matter what profession. Grey scuttlers are rarer than spiders. My conclusion is that low stats gives more scuttlers, higher gives less and the chance of spiders increases. However there is some randomness involved since dual red healthbar spiders are possible.

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    I know that fixers have some bonus in RK. But was not aware of such bonus in SL.

    Good to know fixer has some fun

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