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Thread: Doctor's DOTs casting time

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    Doctor's DOTs casting time

    Please lower casting time to max 5seconds. 9-10second is making them useless since they also have recharge.
    We do not have time to cast all 3 of them them since we have to heal ourselves. Using perks for removing dots, debuffs.

    Also malpractice max DD is 5k (in pvp it is 2.5k) when all 3 dots are running. And malpractice has 8sec attack time.
    There is no time to use it when specials and perks are putting you down. We are mainly healing ourselves.
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    What? I have no issues keeping dots up, ubt up, team healed on doc.

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    Nanocast init gear maybe?

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    I'm a tad confused here. Your post reads, as if you haven't spent a single IP in Ninit.
    These are the base attack times of the DoTs and Malp, but even on full def it doesn't take that long to cast them.

    I have currently 3001 Ninit (haven't bought iIC yet) and the C Dot takes the longest to cast at ~3 seconds on full def. (Just guessing, could be 2,5 as well.)
    Malp also has a cast cap of 1s, so it will never be instant. But it is also 1s on full def.

    DoTs just recently got lowered in their attack times and it was a huge step towards an easier doc-life imho. I think we're good as is.
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    Guys i also do not have iIC and i have about 3144 nano init atm.

    There are 2xC for PVM and one for PVP.

    PVP one has casting time 5sec. So instacasted + recharge 1sec i think.

    A and B (8-9 sec attack time) is like 2-3 seconds + 1.5srecharge. So about 4 seconds per 1xdot.
    It does not land 100% (have full alphas, BM+MC maxed) and it is maybe on 3d attempt lets say (usually maybe on 5th attempt)

    So casting all 3 dots with luck on 3d attempt is 12sec+12sec+4sec = 28seconds.
    Since DOT nanos have duration of 30seconds you have only 2 seconds to try malpractice otherwise first dot times out already.

    And now you also have to cast UBT if you want to have some chance of casting something during time they kill you.
    And where is time needed to heal myself ?

    So if i cast UBT or even try heal myself i simply do not have a big chance to land all 3 dots for trying malpractice.

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    stop complaining about the already short cast times on the dots they used to be 12sec. why play a doc on full def anyways when your evades suck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grammel View Post
    stop complaining about the already short cast times on the dots they used to be 12sec. why play a doc on full def anyways when your evades suck.
    To lower chance get crit hits and also to help me with nanoresist ?

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    I think the casting times are fine, they're already very fast compared to what they used to be.

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    Pvp'er wanting game changed for pvp, he posts 2-3 more times, will be in next patch...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nermal View Post
    Pvp'er wanting game changed for pvp, he posts 2-3 more times, will be in next patch...
    I'm not PVPer. Time to time doing some fun with org mates on BS. I do not argue that it is lower than what it was before.
    And yes i was complaining before that docs cannot go full-def. Which was not fair. Now it is fixed.

    But before this change nanos have been working differently. For example malpractice now has been changed to require DOTs running.
    So to be able to use it A and B have to change casting time like PVP C has already. To 5sec.

    For PVM i do not argue. Mob is not doing AS/FA each 11sec. And has low nanoresist usually. So landing all 3 dots in time is ok. And i have time to heal and do UBT.
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    I agree with Yama. It is very hard to even keep two DoTs up on anyone with halfway decent NR and damage, especially with UBT being cast capped and having a way shorter duration.

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    I think you need to keep in mind that there is a sacrifice to every gain. You can't have it all. If you go full defense you better expect your OFFENSE to fall behind. But if you go full offense then of course, expect your defense to take a hit! Been playing a 220 doctor for a while, at full offense, I have no problem insta casting all of my dots. But even at full def, it only takes 1 second for dot A and dot B, and 2 seconds for dot C. And that's only at 3054 inits. A doctor can get more if setup differently then me. I'm not setup for pvp so I don't care about going full def, because quite frankly I ain't evading nothing lol...

    And there's nothing you can do about how often you land except for getting more nanoskills. And even then, if they are NR perked then your gonna have a hard time regardless. Not to mention if you need to cast your dots 3 times each regardless of the time it takes to cast, your gonna run out nano real quick and leave yourself with nothing to heal with. The time to cast/recharge won't even matter then.

    Personally I wouldn't mind some better NR checks for our dots to help them land a bit better. But definitely don't blame this on casting time because I think the times are great right now. A real improvement from what they were before the updates.

    And like Baby said, malpractice caps at 1 second. However, if it didn't cap I would be able to insta cast it on full def at 3054 nano inits. I'm stingy with credits and never bought IIC either lol. So I'm still missing some more inits. And another 75 inits from ACDC whenever I get lucky enough to get that lol. So casting times are not your problem. Your problem will be them landing (which it won't matter if they have a lot of perks in NR) and your nano pool which you have to be careful about so you can heal.

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    Well ...lowering casting time or lowering def check on dots solves same thing. So i do not care which of them will be applied.
    Both solves the issue.

    And nano on doc is not a big problem. Since you have like 250+ NanoDelta and casting+reload means that you have about 50% nano back until you cast it again.

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    Can i just add in here that Doc's top SL heals for nerfed aswell meaning it's now even harder to keep youself alive + lands DoT's and Malp. I had a doc that was a pure healer and was built for max healing eff and casting 1 BI could completely heal my full 22K HP now i top out the nano at 14-15K ( +3K added HP ) while i kinda agree that in pvp having a doc be able to outheal most peoples dmg without draw backs I dissagree with the healing nerf since we are still subjected to the same high end alpha's and stuns as we were before but now we can't outheal the dmg as effectively......... Also its nerfed healing as a whole since only Enfo's and soldier get heal reactivity ( could be wrong here ) so healing other proffs kinda sucks right now
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