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Thread: You or your allies can not be in combat.

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    You or your allies can not be in combat.

    Could you fix this please ?
    It is really bothering when you are alone on the floor inside the mission.
    I know it means that on different floor is some mob which aggroed me. But he cannot see me anymore.
    Also I can even sneak.....but still this error message is bothering.
    Thank you.

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    This isn't so much the bEnableMobsToBeReallyAnnoying = 1 setting needs to be toggled to 0 as much as it is they need to fix pathing and line of sight issues in general but historically have been like oh crap that's way too hard let's just give people pet warp nanos. This would be great, to have a real fix, but will be a massive undertaking.

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    It's nice being able to jump floors when in a tough spot, wait for aggro to die, heal, jump back and pick up where you left off before the mob regens completely. A fix is disallowing button use when aggroed or increasing mob regen speed, both of which have really bad side effects. I guess increasing button cooldown and having the mobs drop aggro immediately is one fix, but that's also pretty annoying. With the current timer you'll already run into scenarios when blitzing where you have to pace for time before using the button again.

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