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Thread: Which nano's got updated?

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    Which nano's got updated?

    to 4 hour duration?

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    From what I confirmed in game:

    Engineer and MA AC and Damage buffs updated as well as Engineer Damage Shields
    Gunslinger (Bur), Iron Circle (Doc), Quick Weapon & Rapid Weapon (Eng), Lesser Controlled Rage, MA Mastery, Return Attack, First Strike, Velocity & Limbo Mastery (MA).

    Master list of unchanged nanos:

    After verifying with AOItems, the following nanos and nano lines where updated to 4 hours:

    Adv: Poisonous Bite
    Bur: Gunslinger line
    Doc: Iron Circle
    Eng: Armor buff line, Damage buffs line, Damage Shield line, Trade Skill buff lines, Extreme Prejudice, Initiative buff line
    Fix: Run Speed / Evasion buff line / Long HoT
    MA: Armor buff line, Damage buff line, Initiative buff line, Bow buff line, Lesser Controlled Rage, MA Mastery, Return Attack, Velocity, Limbo Mastery
    Sha: Shadow in the Night, Faster than Your Shadow

    Still a lot more to go for consistency, but a good dent for a couple professions.
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    Here's what i found so far :

    - faster than your shadow
    - shadow in the night
    so all shade nanos last 4hours now, at least at 220

    - gridspace freedom
    - doctor hack n quack
    awesome isnt it?

    Martial Artist
    every single nano, including velocity, return attack, AC buffs, MA mastery, lesser controlled rage and limbo mastery

    AC buffs including the graft one
    Expansion Characters
    Fataleet Shade 220/30/70 - Racket Trader on his way

    Froob Characters
    Broadie Fixer 200 - Amerigo Adventurer 200 - Banknote Trader 200 - Ghoti Agent 200 - Burningred MA 200 - Hemato Doctor 200 - Fonzzi NT 200

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amerigo View Post
    - gridspace freedom
    - doctor hack n quack
    awesome isnt it?
    I am a level 60 fixer and my currently castable RK RS buff and long HoT are both 4h, so, looks like it's the entire set, not just GSF & HNQ. I wish the short HoT were around 5 minutes rather than 3:20, personally, but this is a great convenience upgrade. Also, Cracker's Luck is 4h, not sure if that's new.

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    Engi damage shield (well the top one, didn't yet check the lower ones) and EP also got bumped.

    Ophiuchus : 220/30/80 HAHA etc
    :: 220/30/80 Melee 4lyfe
    Khurkh :: 220/30/80 healtankpew
    : 210/26/60 nanostab
    Spidershiva :: 165/23/42 kite? eh?
    : 150/20/42 tankthink
    The Union

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amerigo View Post
    - doctor hack n quack
    Except HnQ has

    On Target:
    Healing 362-370, 180 hits, 10.0s delay

    10*180 = 1800s = 30 mins XD

    So after 30mins, it doesnt heal you anymore, even it is in NCU
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    Hots are kinda odd atm, if you end up getting healed every 10 secs than they only last for 30 mins(until you zone ofc) but if you stayed 100% hp most of the time and missed heal ticks than they can keep healing past 1 hour until you hit 180 ticks.
    Just what I experienced.

    Will be good to get a hot fix on it tho, 1440 ticks for regular long HoTs and 1800 ticks for Matrix.

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    Easier fix, that preserves the fix in case they change the durations later, is just give them some ridiculously huge number of ticks so that they keep running no matter how long the duration of the nano is, until the nanoprogram itself actually stops running.

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    I'm still hoping for Corporate Strategy to be extended. It's really hard to remember to use it all the time.

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    Thanks for the responses.

    Yes would love to see pet buffs extended.. especially crat ones.

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