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Thread: Omni veteran looking for a home

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    Smile Omni veteran looking for a home

    As title say i`m omni and looking for a guild to join.

    About me:
    I have been playing AO for many years in the past since before the SL expansion up until Xan then everything went way too boring and i quit.
    In my play time i have been leader in few bots biggest of them to be pabot if i can remember correctly, this was the bot that was for pande beast raids for both omni and clans(atleast in the begining) then it became for clans only with the exception of me and all members of my guild(so yes there have been successfull working between clans and omnis ) well they were fun times when i start to remember now.
    I live in Bulgaria and i`m nice, polite person that like to help to people when i can and i love good conversation. I work as a programmer (anything from simple web pages to warehouse application for desktop and even android applications).

    I have renewed my accounts several times in between my break to check anything new but was only dissapointed.
    This time i have a little more time to play and have found new dungeons that i have not done before (The Collector for instance). And i`m looking for a good active guild to join (for some good old grinding and stuff) and have fun with .

    The toons i have are the following:

    220 doc
    220 shade
    220 nt
    220 enf
    220 ma
    218 sold
    217 trader (can build everything in the game)
    210 engi

    and several more characters in the range of 50-200. As a note i want to include that at the moment i`m looking to join only with few of my toons once i`m happy with the guild i will join with the rest.

    What i`m looking for?

    I`m looking for a friendly guild that is active and do often guild raids.

    You can write here or give me a tell to Elinor/Jordan/Charlene.
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    Welcome back Jordan

    What is your usual play time? I would highly recommend Dark Order of Chaos or Inner Circle. We are a small group of players who hop on TeamSpeak every night to communicate and assist each other. We have been self-sufficient for quite some time and we take care of our own.

    I, too, am a veteran of the game, having played since 2001 as a fixer that shall remain un-named due to the 100 mil reward I am giving to anyone who can remember the name of that toon (I'm looking at you KAZE guild - Wolfbiter (T.O)), and later 'Bluecheeze'.

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