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Thread: [Omni] Ring of Destruction wants you!

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    [Omni] Ring of Destruction wants you!

    Ring Of Destruction

    "We are true warriors with hearts and souls dedicated to helping Omni brothers and sisters"

    Ring Of Destruction is currently seeking talented Omni-Tek employees to join our ranks. Founded in early 2004, our organization has taken great pride in providing a fun and mature environment. Over the years we have had many adventures together, and we are thirsty for more!

    What are you looking for?

    We currently do not have a level restriction for recruiting. In addition, recruitment is open for players with expansions, and those enjoying classic content.

    Tower PVP is not mandatory, but any help (including buffs) is always appreciated. We consider all Omni organizations our ally, and assist when we can.

    ROD is about mutual respect, and having a "Friends before phats" mindset. We are looking for players who share these values.
    As a time-traveling Abraham Lincoln once said "Be excellent to each other."

    What’s in it for me?
    • Friendly, and mature (usually..) Org chat

    • QL 300 City Benefits

    • Experienced players willing to lend a hand, or answer questions.

    • Sake (Rising Sun only. Setting Sun tastes like Gofle urine.)

    Your proposition sounds acceptable. How do I join?

    Please read and understand our org rules. You may find them here: RoD Bylaws

    Next, stop by our forum. After creating a login, you may leave an application in the “Apply to RoD” section. RoD Forums.
    We will contact you in-game as soon as we can.
    Alternatively, you may stalk one of our recruiters. They are wily, but can be easily captured using shiny objects or pie.

    North America Prime Time: Loycie, Tukkaamk2, Eggther, Smoovluv, Pheral, Joanbot, or Kymie

    European Prime Time: Spanck

    Would you like to know more, citizen?

    If you simply want to know more about Ring Of Destruction or it's history you may visit our website. Ring of Destruction Website

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    Wanck 210/18 Martial Artist General of Ring of Destruction
    Spanck 184/16 Agent Squad Commander of Ring of Fury

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    Application posted

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