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Thread: Doc LF Omni/Neut/Clan org/alliance for endgame content

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    Doc LF Omni/Neut/Clan org/alliance for endgame content

    Hello, ingame I am known as Modic, a neutral 215 Doctor. I initially rolled a neutral doctor because I like the whole Doctors without borders concept and wanted to help people regardless of their allegiance, with the freedom to travel to them and with them as I please.

    However, I am now in a position where I want to experience all the endgame instances and for that ofc I need people :-) So I am looking for a super active community, org or alliance to join as permanent guest in order to participate in team-oriented endgame content on a fequent basis. The reason for wanting to join an org or alliance channel as a guest is that I hold the responsibility of presidency and city of the Neutral reddit organisation. I already joined and used raidbots to do raids, but they really do smaller things like hollow island, dust brigade instances, biodomes, xan instances, alappaa, albtraum, gauntlet etcetera.

    Apart from my willingness to join endgame content teams, what I bring to the table is a helpful personality. I experienced how annoying it can be to get specific things done without the help of a higher level and therefore I want to be that person who is always up for helping out with that. Hopefully preventing people from leaving the game frustrated that they can't get things done or get the equipment they desire.

    PS: I am active during EU evening/night!

    Hope to hear from you soon :-)

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    The Union is a part of small alliance.

    We have linked chatbot with 4 other orgs and quite often do all kind of endgame encounters.
    Unfortunatelly my rank is too low to permainvite you to our chatbot but if you talk to Pyromanche (our President and chatbot admin) I am sure she will invite you.
    Awikun 220/70/30 Ranged adv - my Main that I hardly ever log
    Awisha 220/70/30 Shade - Can solo 95% of all bosses
    Cratawi 200/70/30 Crat - S7/DR Solo farmer
    Awiken 220/70/30 Eng - Pvm Eng
    Nukiwa 200/70/30 NT - almost forgotten (awaiting retwink)
    Awidoc 200/70/30 Doc - 200 fun pvp twink
    Awix 200/70/30 Fix - 200 fun pvp twink
    Awienf 220/70/30 Enf - tanked every single boss (and still lives)
    Soldawi 220/70/30 Sol - Pvm Sold
    Awima 150/xx/xx Ma - best S10 MA farmer
    Doctorawi 220/70/30 - Pvm Doc
    Awienfo 200/70/30 - Atrox with Pande red belt and 2xQL300 hammers
    Macierewicz 220/70/30 - Pvm Crat
    Zlakobieta 220/70/30 - max complit +top tradeskiller

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    Much appreciated! I will contact your President

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    Got perma invite, thanks a lot
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