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Thread: Blitzing Service

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    Hey, Id like a ql 200 supernova if possible

    /tell shadowcorpz in game, or if offline, mail it COD please. thanks

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    142 Nano Crystal (Death's Gaze)
    136 Nano Crystal (Unexpected Attack)
    139 Nano Crystal (Assassin's Grin)
    142 Nano Crystal (Mongo's Titan)
    146 Nano Crystal (Coruscating Screen)
    162 Nano Crystal (Mimic Profession: Trader)
    146 Nano Crystal (Total Mirror Shield Mk X)
    142 Nano Crystal (Reactive Reflective Field (Extended)
    159 Nano Crystal (Preeminent Health Haggler)
    182 Nano Crystal (Sophisticated Health Plunder)
    cod to pyssimees

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    hey there, ive got a bulk order for you:

    trading mogul
    divest skills advanced
    plunder skills advanced
    mocham mc/ts/bm/mm/si/pm
    odin's missing eye
    transcendent frenzy embodiment
    summon demon
    instill with malign intent
    high chant of effortless strikes
    anima of the abomination
    total mirror shield X
    reactive reflective shield extended
    total focus
    steady nerves
    ruse of taren 3
    enhanced trueshot
    assassin's grin
    form of the executioner
    greater paralyze with indecision
    greater delay pursuers
    mimic adv/crat/enf/doc/mp/sol/tra
    motivational speech: opportunity knocks
    total mental domination
    displace thought patterns
    superior omni med enhancement
    life channeler
    complete healing
    lifegiving elixir
    deep tissue repair
    uncontrollable body tremor
    mighty challenger to behemoth
    failing impregnability
    coruscating screen
    mongo's titan
    essence of behemoth
    infernal rage
    mongo crush
    izgimmer's obfuscating recompiler
    personal notum harvester
    visions of the void
    legions of eyeblighter
    crown of frost

    hope that counts as bulk

    if youre up for it pm me on forum

    thanks in advance

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    Just recap below are the nanos I still need

    QL166 Nano Crystal (Disruptive Void Projector)
    QL200 Nano Crystal (Omni-Pol Pacification Logic System)
    QL196 Nano Crystal (Fervor of the Zealot)
    QL149 Nano Crystal (Mongo Crush!)
    QL152 Nano Crystal (Boil Blood)
    QL162 Nano Crystal (Legions of the Eyeblighter)

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    sweet thanks, give me a pm when i should log in, playing in CET

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    Nano Crystal (Creation: Shield of Asmodian) x10


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    I will be semi-AFK for a few days, I'll try to finish up all accepted orders first, but bumping this thread when I'm back.

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    Bah Just noticed your out for a bit....Cleared order

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    QL 189: Aegis Barrier
    QL 149: Entropy Weapon
    QL 185: Plasma Shield
    QL 176: Sympathetic Entropy Infusion
    QL 186: Sympathetic Reactive Cocoon
    QL 189: Sympathetic Plasma Shielding
    QL 139: Extreme Prejudice
    QL 179: Reactive Harmonic Cocoon
    QL 166: Disruptive Void Projector
    QL 189: Slayerdroid Guardian
    QL 172: Perfected Warmachine
    QL 149: Upgraded Warbot
    QL 179: A Maker's Touch

    QL 165: Mocham's Gift: BioMet
    QL 165: Mocham's Gift: MatCrea
    QL 162: Mocham's Gift: SpaceTime
    QL 162: Mocham's Gift: MatMet
    QL 169: Mocham's Gift: PsyMod
    QL 165: Mocham's Gift: SenseImp
    QL 159: Mocham's Neural Interface-Web
    QL 165: Odin's Missing Eye
    QL 173: Mind Quake
    QL 169: Curse of Chronos
    QL 162: Nano Shutdown
    QL 175: Transcendent Enmity Personification
    QL 186: Calling of Belamorte
    QL 189: Summoning of Tumulten
    QL 189: Instill With Malign Intent
    QL 182: High Chant of Effortless Strikes

    /tell Rejuice ingame or COD i'll gladly tip nicely for this order
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    Deceptize - 207 Keeper
    Fedko - 207 XP totam
    Zigko - 174 NT and raising!
    FixKo - 154 fixer blitzing his ass off
    Carloz - 150 s10 Crat twink!

    Soon a new gimp to come on that list

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    Could we please not have this debate yet again? The horse is winching in its grave...

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    Sent you a tell in game.
    How high of a cluster can you blitz?

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    I would just like to say I'm really glad people are actively doing this.

    Have you considered logging all blitz requests and analyzing the data in order to determine what the most-requested items are so that you can blitz all of those things preemptively when you don't have any requests to service, and perhaps also creating a lower-level blitzing character to service requests that are common but fall out of your range?

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    Hi , i know its kinda random but if u find or have ql 230 + platinum ingots let me know i ll buy

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