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Thread: Blitzing Service

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    Looking for:

    QL 189 Nano Crystal (Slayerdroid Guardian)

    I'm online most CEST evenings.
    Avari 220/30/80 - Araghos 220/30/80 - Shishido 220/30/7x - Araninn 220/30/80

    Quote Originally Posted by Tergx
    If one of the few traders are PvPing around you and land GTH on you, take a trip to decon and it will be gone. What's the big deal hehe.

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    Heya bud,

    Still after the rest, sorry was away for the weekend will complete those 12 now.

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    Ok, I'll resend now. Not sure how long it takes before they expire like that again.

    Edit: Sent all the things. Rolling the few that are left tomorrow.

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    ql250 Right-Arm Implant: Refined Empty


    ql250 % Add All Def. Refined Jobe Cluster - Bright (Right-Arm)
    ql250 Burst Refined Cluster - Shiny (Right-Arm)
    ql250 Parry Refined Cluster - Faded (Right-Arm)
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    also FT. taxslash 200 crat / darkblu 150 fixer / freetrial 101 - fgrid biattch

    I'm Back... again ^_^!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destru View Post
    Jobe's are unrollable AFAIK.
    Nano delta clusters are the only jobe clusters that are rollable.

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    Hello, I am once again open for business.

    I also have quite a few "undeliverables" ordered by Fragmented Scans—Discounted clusters available.

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    PM sent.
    /Fast service
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    hi i need Adaptive Ambient Regeneration (ql 129 ) ..paying welll pls help!

    Nvm i found .... but i will make a new list with items i need

    Bump for teh thread
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    Hello i need these ql 250 clusters

    Agility Refined Cluster - Bright (Feet)
    Agility Refined Cluster - Faded (Waist)
    Agility Refined Cluster - Shiny (Leg)

    Psychic Refined Cluster - Bright (Chest)
    Psychic Refined Cluster - Faded (Ear)
    Psychic Refined Cluster - Shiny (Head)

    Sense Refined Cluster - Faded (Head) x2
    Sense Refined Cluster - Shiny (Chest)

    Intelligence Refined Cluster - Shiny (Head)

    Pst Radiant2
    Main :Radiant2 : Lvl 220 Ma
    46 alts to many to mention :P
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    Hey again .. this time i realy want this :Ithaca Ki-8 Snakemaster.
    find me on Razna/Eqvestre/Prodygy ingame thx.

    And pls add to teh list 275 targeting scope .

    Thank you
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    *********************************EDITED, BLITZED THEM MYSELF ***********************************
    *********************************EDITED, BLITZED THEM MYSELF ***********************************
    Hello! I would like to order all of these clusters. They MUST be able to fit ql 230 implant.

    Aimed Shot Refined Cluster - Shiny (Eye)
    Run Speed Refined Cluster - Shiny (Right-Wrist)
    Multi Ranged Refined Cluster - Shiny (Left-Wrist)

    Treatment Refined Cluster - Bright (Eye)
    Aimed Shot Refined Cluster - Bright (Right-Wrist)
    Bow Refined Cluster - Bright (Left-Arm)
    Run Speed Refined Cluster - Bright (Left-Wrist)
    Bow Spc Att Refined Cluster - Bright (Right-Hand)

    Bow Refined Cluster - Faded (Eye)
    Matt.Metam Refined Cluster - Faded (Left-Arm)
    Bow Spc Att Refined Cluster - Faded (Right-Wrist)
    Nano Resist Refined Cluster - Faded (Left-Wrist)
    Aimed Shot Refined Cluster - Faded (Right-Hand)

    You can reach me on Hyimoliver, Critterz, Thapetowner or any of the names in my signature. Have a good day!
    *********************************EDITED, BLITZED THEM MYSELF ***********************************
    *********************************EDITED, BLITZED THEM MYSELF ***********************************
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