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    Funcom employee Testlive Patch Notes:

    Patch Date: June 1st, 2015

    A small collection of fixes and adjustments; some previously planned, and others based on community feedback. Some other changes are planned for future updates (e.g. the Anniversary patch).

    • Grand Armbands/Aban Fala bracers are Neutral-friendly
    • QL 160 JAME rifles can be upgraded
    • Shadow Nano Crystals should resume dropping from Shadowlands dungeons
    • Reaver, Blunt Mastery, Edged Mastery, and Bone Crusher will require the first perk to successfully execute for further perks to be used; these initial perks should land more often.
    • Unstunnable adds 60% resist to Brawl stun
    • Team Warp Time & Space: Capital City will be more reliable
    • Improved Anticipation of Retaliation has an increased stacking order
    • Improved +dmg buffs have had their stacking orders increased
    • Extended "Ambush" timer of the "Emergency Call" mission
    • The Collector has misplaced his supply of Spiritual bots
    • Increased duration of various nanos to 4 hours
    • Added floor numbers to Fixer Grid

    • Adventurer
      • Single & Team heals are in separate nanolines, allowing for slightly speedier healing
      • Lowered cooldown on AoE tranquillizer debuffs
      • Moved HP component of Pitlizard auras to a separate nano which will not recast if it's already running
      • Lowered requirements for Form of Cerberus and Hide of the Cerberus
      • Removed Specialization requirements from QL 125 morph auras

    • Agent
      • Escape nanos cancel on zoning
      • Perk Soften Up checks AMS instead of Rifle, in line with similar perks
      • Shortened Cast/Recharge of Concentration buffs
      • Two Left Feet will act as a snare and a CritResistance debuff
      • Gan'Kar rifle has increased CritMod
      • Changed damage/execution time on Armor Piercing Shot, Called Shot, and Find the Flaw
      • Shortened The Repressor cooldown

    • Bureaucrat
      • Weird Looking Red Tape can now be purchased for 10k Victory Points
      • Increased duration of Malaise nanos
      • Slightly lowered defensive check on Special nukes

    • Doctor
      • Tired Limbs can be put on an attacking foe
      • Added a lesser stun resistance to Vaccine buffs
      • Lowered casting time of Shadowlands heals, while also reducing their healing amounts
      • Perk Close Call will execute more quickly with less restrictive requirements

    • Enforcer
      • Increased health buffs from large Essence buffs
      • Rage buffs will add a lesser amount of runspeed
      • Reduced Charge! stun to 1 second

    • Engineer
      • Lowered requirements of Mechanized Reflect Shield and renamed to "Empowered Pre-Nullity Harmonic Cocoon"
      • Reflect auras will all affect pets and teammates
      • The Widowmaker Battle Drone, as well as several higher-level Slayerdroid pets, will peck and poke at enemies with slightly more force

    • Fixer
      • Restock Special Ammo will call down ammo based on the Burst skill of the Fixer
      • Grid Armor will offer some Nano Resist
      • NCU Wiping nanos will land more easily, but can only afflict a target once every 90 seconds
      • Removed line cooldown on "Vanish into the Digital Void" and lowered cooldowns on other meep solo/team meeps

    • Keeper
      • Nano & Heal auras that adapt to nano skills of the keeper will correctly adjust if there is a skill change
      • Dimach reduced to 5 minute cooldown
      • Replaced "Riposte" requirement of the Perfect Replica of Excalibur with Fast Attack
      • Added Melee Energy to Knights' Ring of Honour

    • Martial Artist
      • Lowered a few of the debuffs from Zazen stance; additional stances will be awarded from future content
      • Lowered requirements for (Team) Matrix of Ka heals
      • Added nano init to Unnoticed Strike
      • Aegis buffs will provide additional nano resist
      • Unstunnable perkline will provide some protection against Brawl Stuns
      • Four Fists of Kali will additionally buff Dimach

    • Nano Technicians
      • Cyberdecks will invalidate weapon skills
      • Slowed down casting time for SL Nukes

    • Shade
      • Soul Capsules will have a higher chance of having a Spirit inside

    • Soldier
      • Art of War increases Assault Rifle by 200
      • Total Combat Survival adds 1200 HP and 5% Healing Reactivity
      • Augmented/Total Mirror Shields will add Healing Reactivity and Root/Snare reistance
      • Augmented Mirror Shield nanos can reflect back more damage to the target
      • Removed Remedy Inhibitor from the Complete Healing nanoline
      • Added nano-based AoE "grenade" procs, doing moderate damage with a considerable taunt
      • Sped up casting speed of Empowered Reflect Shields

    • Trader
      • Reduced Damage-to-Nano rate for Nanobot Defense
      • Lower Nano Resist debuff line has its casting cap removed
      • Divest/Deprive nanos will land more easily
      • Increased (de)buff amount of Nanite Improved Divest/Plunder nanos
      • Added "Subprime Vitality Mortgage" which provides a powerful initial HoT, with a temporary DoT soon after

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