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Thread: Sector 7 Items

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    Sector 7 Items


    Prices will be adjusted periodically to reflect current market prices. Feel free to make offers.
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    You can CoD a Box & Container to Riothamus.

    220s "Wakizaka", "Sneakygank", "Wakimango", "Wakisolja", "Tardersauce", "Bushwaki", "Midgetgank", "Bugfixxx", "Ramsbottom", "Paskadoc"
    200s Chrisd, Malema, Delbaeth
    TL5s Youfail, Bugfixx, Riothamus, Johndee

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wakizaka View Post
    You can CoD a Box & Container to Riothamus.
    Sent CoD 5/13/15

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    2x SE Rapiers if you come across them

    /tell Atomicbowi or Babipangang

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    If you find Kyr pistols, feel free to send me a /tell on Fourthaid or Fourthswayed
    220 iii "Quilluck" iiiiii :: iii "Quillster" i 165
    074 iii "Tradeursoul" i :: i "Fourthaid" ii 220

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    special edition bow if ya see one drop

    /tell Digitalmoch

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    Will be posting all weapons on neutnet, so keep watch on there. Thanks!

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    Got my rapiers already, so i'll cancel my order.

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    As far as weapons go, posting here isn't likely to garner much attention. I post everything on neutnet and you can see it there. Weapon prices on here is just for price reference.

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    Bump, lots of belts in stock and prices updated!

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    Bump for a nab frand!

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    What times are you running this service?

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    All different times. Sometimes nights, sometimes mornings. If you need us to accommodate a specific time, let me know and we can work something out.

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    if you find a pistols, please send tell to Kievlyanka/Kagem/Tabjletka

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    If you are still offering this. Please COD a Kyr'Ozch Storage Container to Porus

    Thank you
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    Is this still available?

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    I could use a storage box and belt sent to Suave2 CoD. Thanks!

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    Send a tell to Seaus-1 if you find two guns

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