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Thread: Willing to buy stuff and make implants!

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    Would like Simple Viral Agent x2 & Poisoned Wounds x2 - Doesn't matter when you are able to get I will always need 2 of each, so definitely mail them to me cod if I'm not online or afk please, Thank you

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    I'd like the following:

    Devastator Drone - Penumbra garden - 8,1 mill
    Nano Crystal (Nanobot Shelter) - Greedy shade - 35 mill
    Nano Crystal (Notum Overflow Injector) - 35 mill

    If you could send the nanos with your pricing to Celdeoph I'll be a happy customer

    Thanks, and great service.

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    Still need Simple Viral Agent x2 & Poisoned Wounds x2 if service is still running mail to Badhabits COD
    Montez - 220/30 - Engi | Killpop - 220/30 - Engi

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    WTB Refined Shiny AAD Cluster please


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    WTB the following garden/sanc nanos

    Inferno Sanctuary
    Degredation of Resolve
    Degredation of Will
    Summon Ettu the Cursed

    COD /galorprime
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    Need the following implant:

    QL300 Right Arm:
    RangeInc. Weapon.

    Should be possible to use a 290 implant and just bump the QL to 300 (can do 5 ql bumps per cluster depending on your tradeskills.)

    Please let me know when you'll be online. Can send an offline tell to any of the chars in my sig.
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    If one of the few traders are PvPing around you and land GTH on you, take a trip to decon and it will be gone. What's the big deal hehe.

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    Nano Crystal (Grand Theft Humidity) QL:189 Price: 70M
    Weird Looking Nano Crystal (Continuous Reconstruction) QL:146 Price: 350M

    Please COD to Slashmender
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    Got the GTH but not the ICR did you send it also?

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