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Thread: ranged vs melee

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    ranged vs melee


    Whats melee like these days? Most advys I see are ranged. Not sure what to go for on my lil lvl 30ish advy while leveling
    Got a JSPP lying around. Love the look of the xan swords(but thats still far away.. hehe ) Is there a big difference in DD?
    Will stop a bit at 60 for some totw nostalgia, then 150 and then 200 to farm a bit of BS/AIxp. Whats best in pvp/s10/s7?
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    WTB Red and blue teams in BS. Thanks Michi!

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    I'd like to see what the community thinks of this too - Ive recently returned to game and my 220 melee advy definitely looks out of fashion....

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    I play my melee advy only in pvm and have a lot of fun with the leet nano and run around with 60% crit. You can give me a tell if you want to chat a bit.
    For leveling I would use Chirops with 60 and pair one with a sec7 axe once you hit 151. While levelling on I would use ai axes or ofab swords? I'm not realy a fan of the swords as you can get them only in fixed ql and need stupid updates. It's easier to find a fitting axe and they have a nice proc.
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    I have 2 x QL 300 Ofab Mongoose Mk6 on my advy, I have sort of lost my way a bit - I remember very little of the game even though I only stopped playing just over a year ago, it's scary how much the memory goes with age

    The main thing that stops me from changing over to ranged is the amount of Artillery symbs I'd need to swap in for the Infantry Bravos that I've only recently got round to fitting!

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    I like my advy old school with melee. Yeah it's not what the cool kids have been running these last years but I don't care, I just enjoy playing her much much more as a melee. Dual Hatreds are tasty and I have others for ranged pew.

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    My current adv project is staying melee at endgame. One of the reasons is the cost of CSS vs CM.

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