Hello everyone!

Today we are releasing an all new piece of high level content based deep in Inferno, within a new instance, named the Xan Reliquary. A vote was held earlier this year and this new type of Shadowlands Mission was the winner of this poll. The intention of this new content is to provide new options for players seeking levels and research.

In the Xan Reliquary you will need to defend targets from a series of assaulting denizens of Inferno. Similar to the older Inferno missions, a difficulty of Easy, Medium, or Hard can be chosen for missions that will pit players against members of the Redeemed or Unredeemed. Additionally, missions that do not involve faction-aligned creatures are a new feature with this encounter, allowing players of any faction to team up against the horrors of the Brink!

The difficulty of the accepted mission will determine both the level of the monsters encountered and the overall quantity of adversaries. With the heightened difficulty, greater rewards become available. This encounter is broken up into several waves of attackers, each ending with a miniboss, all of whom have chances to drop their own sets of loot. The highest difficulty boasts the largest number of waves, coupled with several enemy waves that are not found in the lower difficulties. Some rewards are old favorites, while others are entirely new or have not been made available previously. Each version of this encounter offers an XP reward which is based on the level of the player, similar to a Daily Mission reward, with larger rewards coming from the more difficult missions.

Speak with The Retainer of Ergo, located near Inferno's gate into Pandemonium, to start your discovery of the Xan Reliquary. This Yutto will inform you of a recently opened chamber that has been lost and forgotten. Despite the strange corruption that seems to have taken hold of this chamber, which has begun to pour outward into Inferno, the old energy that hums through the walls has begun to attract all forms of life that still lurk above and below the scorched wastelands.

I invite you all to attempt this new encounter and challenge the evils that lurk within. Best of luck!