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Thread: Profession Revotes/Nominations

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    Profession Revotes/Nominations

    Quote: Nominations are open until November 6th.

    Can we get official announcement of professionals so we can start working on idea submissions please?
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    why have a keep professional when there is no keepers left in ao almost.
    the few that excist has 0 knowlede but runs with 1000 opinions wich only would ruin the profession more.
    waka i want to stay but i think the nomination is bad handled. it should be a thread for those who want to volentear and let em write why they should be professional and let people vote out of what they read.
    how can i know what the next professional can give me? he can be a total moron but write good letters, but you easy see if the guy is a moron or not when it comes to the knowledge about he profession becose evryone can read bad english and evaluate a persons skills if he can mention core issues and what he think should be changed etc.

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