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Thread: Old school RK2'ers

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    Old school RK2'ers

    I'm pondering one of my once every 4 year comebacks for a cup of coffee. Anyone from RK2 still around this joint from back in the day?
    Tykahndriuss 220/27 Enforcer Crap Equip
    Have you seen my stapler?
    Former Tank Monkey of CCI, DF, HUGE inc., Adrastus II - RK2

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    Drameliaa/Ameliaa/Ameliaamp from back in the day (neutral toons).

    You can find me at:
    Battlenet @ Marilata#1680
    Steam @

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    Hail, welcome back
    Clan FTW
    Master Veteran General Crusher "Forz"
    Neophyte Administrator "Buroz"
    Neophyte Sergeant "Rocketz"
    Novice "Nuketz"
    Apprentice "Pepitaz"
    Mentalist "Odinz"
    Novice "Forzjr"

    “Two things are infinite: The Universe and Omni Solitus SB. And I'm not sure about the Universe.” (Albert L33tstein)

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    hy i r old & grumpy
    Genele: ofc I come back to u difs. U used to look as hot as me

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    Welcome back.
    Awikun 220/70/30 Ranged adv - my Main that I hardly ever log
    Awisha 220/70/30 Shade - Can solo 95% of all bosses
    Cratawi 200/70/30 Crat - S7/DR Solo farmer
    Awiken 220/70/30 Eng - Pvm Eng
    Nukiwa 200/70/30 NT - almost forgotten (awaiting retwink)
    Awidoc 200/70/30 Doc - 200 fun pvp twink
    Awix 200/70/30 Fix - 200 fun pvp twink
    Awienf 220/70/30 Enf - tanked every single boss (and still lives)
    Soldawi 220/70/30 Sol - Pvm Sold
    Awima 150/xx/xx Ma - best S10 MA farmer
    Doctorawi 220/70/30 - Pvm Doc
    Awienfo 200/70/30 - Atrox with Pande red belt and 2xQL300 hammers
    Macierewicz 220/70/30 - Pvm Crat
    Zlakobieta 220/70/30 - max complit +top tradeskiller

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    fu tyka~
    Quote Originally Posted by Shiftyr View Post
    Die? Plz? NOW!
    Dark Front Better Than You™, Since 2003

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    Name looks familiar.
    Pricecuts - 220 Trader
    Feel free to contact me via PM or in-game.

    Raggy - 220 Bureaucrat || Raggeh - 220 Fixer | Back as 'Raggys' - Shade for the time being. | Nuclei - 217 Nanotechnician || Nanobiology - 214 Doctor

    Tip #743: As noted in Tip #244, tea bags have an infinite variety of uses. However, there's always one jerk who will want to give you crap over drinking tea. Particularly if in a new town, use this as an opportunity to assert yourself. Any drunken idiot can win a bar fight. It takes a real man to win a bar fight while enjoying a cup of Earl Grey.

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    Not many, no.
    Towerblock, 220/30/70 Engineer
    President of Steadfast

    And way too many alts...

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    I'm from "back in the day", though I don't recall your name.
    Malcom "Chamaelo" Ashwell - Ex-Immortal.
    Vanguard Adriaan "Demongun" Blackwind - Hermit.
    Jawquez "Jawalooc" Loocazt - Bounty Hunter.
    Michael "Mirkle" Kreble - Creep.
    Christopher "Xelger" Junior - Coffee Maker.

    Child Of The Omni - The Boy With The Kitten - Sleepless - The Storm/Breathe - Terminal

    "You've just got to keep writing, if that's what makes you happy,
    even when there is no indication anyone is actually reading your work." - Savoy


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    not playing atm but still around from time to time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aidid View Post
    fu tyka~
    Dweeh, they let you out of your cage?
    Tykahndriuss 220/27 Enforcer Crap Equip
    Have you seen my stapler?
    Former Tank Monkey of CCI, DF, HUGE inc., Adrastus II - RK2

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    foad tyk
    Posted by Seventh: Has something to do with the fact that RL speaking im 172 sm high and weight 96 kg, all of which come in muscle form (and guessing your reaction about forum pvp, yes i can log into webcam )

    Said the pixels lol..

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    <- Falikos

    Welcome back.
    President - Shattered Dreams- Rimor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tykahndriuss View Post
    Dweeh, they let you out of your cage?
    shh i snuck out
    Quote Originally Posted by Shiftyr View Post
    Die? Plz? NOW!
    Dark Front Better Than You™, Since 2003

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    still running around from time to time.

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    meanwhile, I'm still running behind you gast. <3
    Seyoura ~ Jijie ~ Delcatty ~ Shaymin

    pls join paradise tx

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    Green enf, not worth calling at tower wars. Is that you? HIMATEMEDONTPLAYTHOUGH/
    Devil Inside for life.
    Pharexys - Adventurer
    Maniacu - Soldier
    Cyber2 - Nano-Technician
    Multibox - Bureaucrat

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    Hey Tyka, long time no see

    Proud Member of Paradise

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    Splitfridge - on and off since 2002

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    <-- Dywas/Caramela (neut), New Movement will (never) rise again!
    Michizure is love, Michizure is life.
    Dywas - 220/30/70 Neutral Nanomage Nano-Technician
    Caramela - 220/30/70 Neutral Solitus Doctor
    Desejos - 220/30/?? Neutral Atrox Enforcer
    Gretchenross - 220/30/?? Neutral Opifex Shade
    Bizzle - 220/30/70 Neutral Atrox Soldier

    --<3 Professional love--
    * Aiken pets Lazy on the head. Sure it is, you keep telling self that
    <Aiken> such a cutesy clammer aren't you *cheekpinch*
    <Lazy> viva la revolucion
    * Dywas decides to walk away from the soon-to-be sexytime
    <Aiken> lol Dywas, Id make a man of him
    <Lazy> Dywas, i'd go gay for aiken. no lie

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