((A look into the mind of Mrmol ))


So much can be said in that simple word. So many emotions stirred and fates determined by that one word. The act, to betray, is seen almost universally as a negative thing. So then why is it all around us?

By simply looking at the basic political structure of Rubi-Ka, it is apparent that at its root is betrayal. The "rebel clans" were the first in the long line of treachery that has plagued our home. Disgruntled employees from the north decided it was there 'right' to fight Omni-Tek's noble effort to build this world. I suppose that is where it all began.

As a boy, I learned even before school that the Clans were what was keeping Utopia from Rubi-Ka. The word "Traitor" was synonymous with "Clan". I grew up knowing that Omni-Tek meant family and community, a perfect order that was only disturbed by it's enemies. I was innocent, happy and determined to finally free Rubi-Ka from the betrayal that is the clans.

Things remained blissfully black and white until that infamous day of July 2nd, 29487. While in mourning, Omni-Pol suddenly and unexpectedly committed their own act of betrayal. Bahirae Serugiusu became the new CEO and we were launched into another civil war. I could not believe what I had witnessed. Countless employees taking up arms against the administration, just like the clans.

Then came a particular betrayal that hit me deeply and personally. I had spent the last two years of my life defending and helping the citizens of Borealis. I had been sent to reclaim many times for them, fighting alien and terrorist attacks. I helped with the stim problem, I tried to settle disputes, I spoke with citizens. I was under the impression I was making a difference to these neglected people. When things got worse, I kept telling myself that this was merely the work of the Clans and the BFF, and that the people of that city must have known that I was trying my best. But of course the ugly head of betrayal was revealed again, as the people I had protected all this time were coming out of their homes to fight me on the streets. Did they forget? I suspect they just did not care, selfishly wanting more power over the city at the expense of safety. The morning I finally left Borealis, I could hear the partying and the laughter... and see the bodies of loyal employees amidst the rubble.

This would lead into one of the most trying times of my life. Watching helplessly as more employees committed their own acts of betrayal against Omni-Tek. I would talk to others, argue my case, but in the end there was nothing I could do. Soon even the Unicorns went against us. This all culminated in a battle that brought down Bahirae right before the Riot Police reinforcements arrived in force. A coalition of former Omni, clan, and neutrals were victorious in Omni-HQ. Their betrayal had succeeded. I would find out soon after that in fact the former CEO was a traitor as well, dispatching Zora to take command.

As I walk the streets of Omni-1 I can look around and see nothing but potential traitors. Pourais continually warms to the clans, the people that put her in power. She has even rejected my battle plans against them, not wanting to be the aggressor. Now I can no longer allowed to free our planet. I looked for those employees I could trust to hate the clans, to detest their betrayal. Cora Geers fit this description fully. I could trust that at the very least, she would support the eventual Omni victory on Rubi-Ka. I was wrong.

Betrayal, that rotten word, that venomous idea, would again show itself when Geers escaped custody with a bunch of Sentinels. What kind of family is this when people do not think twice without betraying their morals? How can Omni-Tek Rubi-Ka ever save this world if we constantly destroy the community we keep trying to build. When your friends, your enemies, your leaders and your followers are all traitors, what does that mean about you? Am I a traitor? How can I be immune to the curse of Rubi-Ka?

Until my inevitable betrayal, I can only hold on to three 'truths' (Not that they all apply to OT-RK)

1. Omni-Tek Protects!

2. Omni-Tek Brings Order!

3. Omni-Tek is your friend!

I must continue to work toward a fully Omni Rubi-ka, I am no longer sure what it will look like, but I still hope it will be better for everyone in the end.