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    So it was that Virta sucked himself into the Grid. Nothing was left behind. For years, he spent time with the likes of Sembly, Rurbot, and..He does not say no more. He does not say my name. Ever. It was many years.

    Really, not that many years passed, and lo' he is back. It is very hard for him to even stand up. It took years to reconstruct a body like him. Not that his body was anything special. Very unfit for actual policework. And for the...

    Virta raises his hand."I am very aware of it. Thank you Robo. It has been quite unnecessary." His ever obedient robot moves away and rubs his hands to emphasize the emotion of his master.

    Virta rubs his hands "Now where are is it, where I am, in here?"
    Engineer General Virta, Omni-Pol. Not in active service.

    Roleplaying Profile of Jimi "Virta" Hendrix

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