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Thread: Regarding the situation with city governments.

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    Regarding the situation with city governments.


    Because of the restructuring of ARK Events, and Legacies, things were sort of in limbo last I logged in. With Dagget suggesting an opening dialogue concerning the Council of Truth and such, I thought I'd like to get in a few questions about the availability of ARK events folks who will be attending with us.

    1. Last I understood someone in Events mentioned that there was a system where the LTC's could be logged into by qualified ARK eventers. Is this still the case? Or, have we gone back to the old system where certain ARK event staffers played specific ones?

    2. Since the CoT was brought up, is there any plans in the near future to resurrect the NLCC?

    3. Can we get some sort of projection as to when these things may start up, OR is something stopping us from getting a clear projection?

    Any information will be useful, really. The main reason for these questions outside of personal curiosity are also due in part by this bit here:

    Disregarding the IC banter, Encyros does make a point with an implication regarding the inactive state of the Office and the NLCC itself. Truth be told, I am pretty eager to explore the idea of bringing that back to life. Anyone wanna chew on or take a stab at this?
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    No one at all?
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    You may need to give them a tad bit of time. From what I understand there was ARK involvement with the OAM today. Of course I don't have the other answers you looking for but i'm sure someone will respond soon. My guess, and the rumors ive been hearing floating around as far s the NLCC goes, is something is in the works for it. What it is, is anyones guess but with how things have been going here recently i'd say theres a good shot something will happen at least.

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    I could throw in my two cents from what I think. But it's probs better to leave it to ARK to confirm as I could be wrong. I'll throw you a PM regardless when I'm on my PC
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