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Thread: IRRK Freelance: New drug, "Stardust," reported in Omni-1

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    IRRK Freelance: New drug, "Stardust," reported in Omni-1

    IRRK Freelance: New drug, "Stardust," reported in Omni-1
    July 30th, 29488 - Jude Fawley

    Authorities in Omni-1 say they may have encountered their first case of a new drug, nicknamed Stardust.

    A homeless man who was rounded up during a routine sweep had two stims on his person, containing an unidentified yellow-white liquid. During interrogation, he referred to the liquid as "Stardust" and appeared to be experiencing a consciousness-altering state during the duration of the drug's effects.

    Samples of the liquid were turned over to Omni-Med personnel for investigation.

    At this time, Omni-Pol has not issued a statement confirming or denying the presence of a new illegal substance on the streets of Omni-1.

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    Omni-Pol has issued warrants for James "Jimmenson" and "Turms" Falon relating to police enquiries around this report and several other recent incidents.

    Anyone considering abusing drugs should note the recent report of two employees in Jimmenson's TDS Inc who did so and were consequently reduced to a vegetative state.
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    *laughing, then after calming down posts*

    Oh you are doing such a wonderful job of helping them sneak up and snag these two. I am sure they will never see Pol coming.
    Stanimir Borgeski (203/30/48) - General in Clan Stronghold

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    Neither of them are the kind to hide, from my experience. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they welcome the challenge.

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