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Thread: What happened to UO

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    What happened to UO

    I have a buncha friends who joined AO because of a recent change to UO, anyone know what happened?

    PLEASE, give use a simple YES or no answer as to whether or not the CoH chests can be opened

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    They got sick of it ?
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    UO changed a few things

    skill gains went on the gain over time system (a lot like siege perilous)

    pvp rules changed, making being a PK more dangerous and yet less risk (no stat loss if you pk in a dungeon)

    bard's got a major nerf

    magic got a major boost

    Items went into the game that allow you to raise a skill above 100

    there are more, but it was probably one of these that sent them packing.

    What sent me packing was trammel and the seperation of the player base
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    I quit UO cause I could not buya house for under 10million gold. That was sick!!
    If only there was some land somewhere....
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    I had a 2 story tower on UO once long ago. I wish i still did, i could probably sell it on eBay for a couple hundred bucks... which would pay for many months of AO goodness! =)
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