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Thread: IRRK: The dangers of using restricted drugs

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    IRRK: The dangers of using restricted drugs

    IRRK: The dangers of using restricted drugs
    July 25th, 29488 - [Global]

    Case reminds us all the dangers of using restricted drugs

    IRRK has learned of a case that highlights the dangers of using stims that are illegal or restricted in use. Two gentlemen found wandering the streets of West Athen by city Vanguard Watchers, are a case in point. The two were found, in a mostly vegitative state, drooling and muttering incoherently. They were totally unresponsive to questioning, and it was quickly determined that they were simply unable to respond. The reason? Illegal stims. Both men were found to have stims in their pockets labled "for Omni-Reform use only". It was confirmed that high levels of the same drug was found in both of their systems. They were later identified as George Ridges and Bobby Nanders, both of whom worked for TDI Inc, as general contractors.

    IRRK reached out to Omni-tek for comment, and we were directed to speak with Omni-Administration Specialist Termin Zawar. Mr Zawar stated it is an clear example of using drugs illegally. "They had no way of knowing what they were taking in this case, and it appears they paid the ultimate price. Death would have been one thing, but these two have lost their memories and the sense of who they are. My sympathies to them and their families."

    When asked how they may have gotten their hands on drugs clearly labled for use by Omni-Reform, he refused to speculate, stating simply that no matter how careful the Corporation was in handling various restricted medications, sometimes they do get into the wrong hands. "In the hands of those who have been trained how to use them, they can be extremely useful, but in the hands of the average person...... well these two show the dangers of unrestricted use".

    He asked us to pass on to you our readers the request: If you find illegal or restricted use drugs, please don't take the risk. Hand them into your local law enforcement, or contact the nearest office of Omni-Reform or Omni-Med.

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    OR flush em. Any drug that causes people to loose their minds and lives are not drugs that anyone should have their hands on.

    As the president of Steadfast, I'd also like to point out that the narcotic use of BTL A.K.A. 'Better Than Life' interfaces are also of a big concern. Using experimental nanoprograms that stimulate emotional, adrenal, or other brain/body processes - can leave the user in a stressed state known commonly as 'Tweak Drop' which is the result psychological destabilization. Unlawful and untested experimental BTL's can cause asphyxiation by Dysphagia, adrenal overdose, and even cardiac arrest during use. Post event side effects can include lethargy, depression, social anxiety disorders, disassociate disorders, and even suicidal thoughts.

    BTLs and Stims are a real problem. If you see a thing, report a thing. You could be saving someone's life!
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    I guess we have an idea who was behind the left of 'vitamins and bandages' at the Omni-Med warehouse now...
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