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Thread: Omni-Pol Officer is “Super Crazy,” say Anonymous Sources

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    Omni-Pol Officer is “Super Crazy,” say Anonymous Sources

    Omni-Pol General of Staffing Shalex Kolarr is in a “deep” state of insanity and has “a lot of work” ahead of him on the road to recovery, say a number of sources, who asked to remain anonymous due to potential reprisal.

    Kolarr, who has been on secretive medical leave since July 12, when residents of Omni-Entertainment say that he was spotted wandering the slum areas in the south of the city, shouting at passers-by and mumbling to himself in a very crazy way. Our sources claim he is currently receiving the best and most humane treatment available to Omni-Reform. But neither Omni-Pol nor any friends or family members of General Kolarr have released an official statement.

    “I don’t think people understand the depth of his craziness. It’s deep. He has a lot of work to continue to do to be able to treat this illness,” our sources told us. “Craziness is a serious thing, and I’m glad Omni-Pol is taking this seriously, and giving him the help he needs. Because he’s crazy.”

    It is uncertain when, or if, General Kolarr will return to duty with Omni-Pol, and how crazy he will be at the time of his return.

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    - Jessica “Ilenoley” Jameson

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    *A look of malice grows on Cora's face as she reads the article, she turns to her assistant:

    "Bring me this Jessica Jameson."
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