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Thread: IRRK: ICC sends investigator to Port 7 in Elysium

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    IRRK: ICC sends investigator to Port 7 in Elysium

    IRRK: ICC sends investigator to Port 7 in Elysium
    July 14th, 29488 - [Global]

    The ICC announced today they will be sending in an investigator to Port 7 in Elysium in the aftermath of the so-called B-Virus.

    Rumors indicate that this is the location where the B-Virus originated, though no solid proof exist as of today. When questioned about the rumors, OTRK CEO Eva Pourais said "Omni-Tek supports this action by the ICC. We are greatly concerned that the devastating virus may originate from the Shadowlands. I give my support and permission to any employee who would offer their assistance in this matter."

    We also tried to get a comment from Supreme Commander Simon Silverstone of The Sentinels on the matter, but to no avail. Vanguards leader Alan Jacobi was a bit more forthcoming. "This is an excellent step towards ensuring that the source of the virus is truly gone. I hope other free clan citizens agree, and I hereby encourage everyone to show up to support the ICC investigator to ensure the danger is gone."

    The ICC investigator is scheduled to meet the supporting forces by the Elysium portal in The Market level of Jobe this Saturday, July 19th at 19:00 RKST.

    We here at IRRK want to extend our support and wish everyone good luck in the endeavor.
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    Omni-Pol supports this investigation and be there to offer assistance.
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    I also intend to support this initiative. It will be good to return to active duty by serving this noble cause.

    Omni-Tek Protects!

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    IRRK: ICC updates meeting time

    July 15th, 29488 - [Global]

    IRRK has just received a message from ICC. Unfortunately, a communication error resulted in the wrong time being broadcast in the first message. The correct time any supporting forces should gather at the The Market level in Jobe is July 19th at 19:00 RKST.

    At the same time, ICC extends its thanks to all who have already stated their support and urges people to set aside any matters of conflict for the duration of the investigation.

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    OOC: Any chance of an after action report for those who missed this event?
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