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Thread: OTPC: B-Virus Breakthrough!

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    OTPC: B-Virus Breakthrough!

    OTPC: B-Virus Breakthrough!
    July 4th, 29488

    We here at OTPC are honored to be granted a special interview with Omni-R&D Director Channing McVert for globally important news!

    OTPC: So we understand Omni-R&D has made a breakthrough with the so-called B-virus?

    McVert: Oh, this is not just a breakthrough mind you. I have defeated it!

    OTPC: Defeated it? You mean you now have a vaccine against the virus?

    McVert: Yes, of course. It was only a matter of time for someone of my skill and experience.

    OTPC: Was this done solely by your team?

    McVert: Granted, I did have a bit of assistance from Dr Vikriana Heinrich from the Department of Investigation. But it was only a minor role, of course.

    OTPC: This are great news indeed, Director! So tell us, how will the public be vaccinated? And will it only be available for Omni-Tek employees?

    McVert: We have already begun deploying a system to all whompah system and grid terminals to automatically vaccinate when used. The system will be able to tell if you have already been vaccinated or not, so there will be no wasted dosages. As far as who gets it goes, well, I have sent all the required information on how to make it to both to the Clan and Neutral territories on the orders of CEO Pourais. It's up to them to equip their own stuff or however they want to do it.

    OTPC: That is great to hear! After all if it's not wiped out completely then it will still be a threat! Anything else you want to add, Director? We know you are a busy man.

    McVert: Just one other thing. This will not revert the effects on anyone who is already infected, only prevent you from being infected if you have not yet been.

    OTPC: Thank you for speaking with us, Director McVert. This is indeed breaking news. As always, we here at OTPC look forward to what you will come up with for the corporation next!

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    This is indeed good to hear! I knew we could count on Director McVert.

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    I just hope this vaccine is exactly what it seems and nothing more or less.
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