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Thread: OTPC Freelance: Major Clan Theft Foiled

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    OTPC Freelance: Major Clan Theft Foiled

    OTPC Freelance: Major Clan Theft Foiled
    July 4th, 29488 - Andrew Phillips

    Police and other employees successfully prevented the theft of raw Notum from a Corporate transport shuttle on Sunday after a firefight with robbers in the town of Bliss.

    A distress call was sent out by AF Trooper Caperno at 3487, 1139 in The Longest Road after a terrorist attack left the shuttle disabled and four large containers of Notum stolen.

    Omni-Pol's General Cora Geers led a relief squad and was able to coordinate a defence with Caperno and other employees to secure the shuttle. The terrorists were traced to Bliss, where Corporate forces quickly seized substantive control of the town, and were able to recover the stolen cache.

    The shuttle was repaired by Notum miner Taroll who had stayed behind, apparently after striking the control interface with a shovel.

    Speaking shortly after the incident, General Geers issued the following statement:

    "We are always ready to protect employees from terrorism by confronting it head on. I am pleased that we prevented the theft today. Employees should always feel they can ask for our help when they need it."

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    A great example of how our Corporation never fails.

    Omni-Pol protects.
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