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Thread: IRRK: ICC Rules Anti-Viral Guns as unsafe

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    IRRK: ICC Rules Anti-Viral Guns as unsafe

    IRRK: ICC Rules Anti-Viral Guns as unsafe.
    May 27th, 29488.

    IRRK: In a study conducted yesterday by the ICC, it was discovered that the anti-viral guns that have recently been sighted in Rome, Omni-Ent and Omni-Trade do not possess any medical scanning equipment.

    The guns infact contain a small Omni-Tek Personnel Database uplink, and instead of scanning for the virus, detect clan affiliated individuals and terminate with extreme prejudice.

    The ICC has ordered the guns removed with immediate effect as they pose no benefit to preventing the spread of the virus.

    Omni-Tek CEO Eva Pourais was unable to comment on the matter.

    Omni-Med also closed it's doors to us when we approached with questions.

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    Don't really see the difference in these guns and the standard Omni-Tek guards, then. Nothing new under the sky, in other words.

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    Its days like this i lock myself in my apartment, line up a few bottles of 'Hit the floor Jack' and start tossing a coin....heads join the clans, Tails take the nearest shuttle to somewhere, anywhere thats not Rubi-ka.

    So far i've never quite gone through with it but after reading this...
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