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Thread: FJRK: B-Virus strikes Garden of Enel

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    FJRK: B-Virus strikes Garden of Enel

    FJRK: B-Virus strikes Garden of Enel.
    May 23rd, 29488

    At 0800 this morning, reports of a virus outbreak in the Garden of Enel resulted in the permadeath of six redeemed individuals and preventative reclamation of four clansmen.

    One of the redeemed; Diviner Enel Shun-Vai managed to escape the major infection but was nevertheless sadly terminally infected. Before he passed he was able to comment: "The bomb was dropped in from high above the Garden. It was not something we could foresee, it never touched ground, detonated high in the air, granting us what we thought was the sun's warmth and a blessing from Enel. But it rained it's corruption down, down upon us."

    Diviner Enel Shun-Vai was unable to comment further and despite our best interests and efforts was too heavily decayed to save. JAME scientists who investigated the scene in co-operation with Clansmen were able to confirm that: "The B-Virus is completely incompatible with redeemed tissue, so the good news is that conversion of Redeemed is impossible. However what we have noticed is that the virus seems to be aware of the incompatibility and instead of conversion is focused on complete cell necrosis. This version of the B-Virus that is directed at the Redeemed is 100% fatal, even at minor infection stages."

    We at FJRK advise any clan individuals who are infected to avoid the Shadowlands, JOBE and or Gardens/Sanctuaries at all cost.

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    Another good example of why we need to take drastic measures against anyone infected.
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    I hope a beloved member of your family gets infected, so you can look inside yourself and be disgusted.
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    And what Tower? There is no cure for this thing right now, I don't care what you say. The only option is to terminate them and hope they get a clean reclaim. If not, its better than suffering.

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    You know what suffering is? Being at a funeral for one of your beloved friends, family, or coworkers and overhearing what you said just now.

    "There is no cure for this thing right now, I don't care what you say. The only option is to terminate them and 'hope' they get a clean reclaim..."

    And in all of this, these are your loyal citizens, fellow family members, and your working force. Aren't any of you even a bit saddened by all of this? Do you intend to mourn them? Do you intend to honour them? At least ****ing say SOMETHING nice about their memory. Because right now your government make them sound like so many kilos of processed meat byproducts. These are the people who support YOUR livelyhood. Have two teaspoons of humanity about it at least!
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    Speaking as a survivor of an early stage infection, I will say that if acted upon early enough, before the cells mutate and their structure is compromised outside the possibility of cloning from an insurance scan, reclaim actually works.

    Having said that, I'll add that a viable cure for all stages of infection should of course be the goal for everyone, regardless of faction. Only with a working cure can we avoid tragedies such as this one.

    Tower, if you think you have a cure that will reverse the effect of any stage of the virus, you should spread it as far and wide as you can. I suggest you also contact Lady Alexandrasa of the Knights of Avalon. Her reach is extensive.

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    I'm not a doctor. I don't do much in terms of Biomedical Nanotechnology. I can remove implants and repair systems, but I just don't have much access to heal the body like a Doctor can. What's worse is that despite any physical damage, the psychological damage is even greater.

    My bodyguard Hadrian is a survivor of middle stage cyborg conversion. The extent of the damage was deep, and he had no recollection of his life previous to being a cyborg. The only clue we had to his previous identity was a very vague public report of a Cyborg raid on a terrraforming team outside of Hope. He survived, but it didn't bring him back from what he previously was. I am dubious if a middle stage survivor can return to a previous life without some sort of miracle.

    I have kept meticulous database of notes on how the procedure went, and as always I send copies of all my major reports to the capable hands of the Vanguards and to the leadership of Newland City.

    As for my weapon against the B-virus; It can definitely handle both B-virus and Cyborg conversion. We have discussed how it does that, and you are familiar with the team I put together to fabricate it. Its been quite a while since I met Lady Alexandrasa last time. I'm not even sure if she'd remember me.
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    Yes you tale is full of woe dear Towerblock, but as someone who has done extensive research on this virus there has been nothing found to stop it once the conversion begins. I'm not sure where your coming up with these tales of yours, but if you do indeed have something then you need to stop sitting on it and distribute it. You can send my office a sample of whatever it is you seem to think you have along with any notes. Don't think you can slip a bomb or anything in that way though, as it will be thoroughly screened before even being opened.
    Director McVert
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    Dear Channing McVert, Director of Omni-tek Research and Development.

    In Clan Steadfast we appreciate and thank you for your growing interest in our products and services. Though we do not currently do business with the company you represent, we feel that this need not always be so. We appreciate someone of your scholarly inclination, and feel very privileged that our projects have gotten your attention.

    However, as much as we would like to share our research and development with someone as well known in Academia as yourself, we find it hard to comply. The reasons for these are several, and although you are greatly respected in many circle of higher education and learning, it would not be in our best interests to pursue the matter in cooperative context. This early in the business relationship, that particular transaction would come with a high risk.

    In the past, when Clan Steadfast was far more inclined to work with individuals of distinguished positions we took several hits when our research and technology were taken without our consent. It can be diificult to earn trust with many other Technology firms. This went so far that even when the guilty third parties stepped forward to dismiss our rightful claim in public and had either enough legal or military support to successfully achieve this.

    We believe that your Company engages in unethical practices and therefor we simply cannot be persuaded to change our stance on this subject at this moment. We dutifully apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but it is our right to deny.

    If you are still interested in gaining access to Clan Steadfast research and development, perhaps we can persuade you to look into some of our other fine products. In the warmest sense of mutual cooperation, we have included in this transmission a detailed catalogue of devices, furnishing, and other manufactured technologies that we specialize in.

    But to continue our mutual benefit, we are also unwilling to send an explosive device. The reason for this is that it will send a negative message to other companies and firms we currently do business with. We hope that this meets with approval, and look forward to hearing your reply.

    Dr. Towerblock
    Executive Officer and President of Clan Steadfast (tm)
    Makers of affordable, efficient, and sustainable Living Spaces!
    Notarized on this day, May 24th 29487 by: Atticus "Wolfowitz" Morgan, Legal Counselor Clan Steadfast (tm)
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    Is no-one else wondering how someone managed to Air Launch a bomb in the shadowlands considering how flight there just doesnt work?

    I dont remember seeing any handy cliffs overlooking the garden, so either the delivery system was a mortar or something far more interesting...
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