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  • New Instance

    124 17.10%
  • Monthly Boss Events

    44 6.07%
  • Pathfinding

    62 8.55%
  • New Shadowlands Mission

    251 34.62%
  • Towerwars changes

    244 33.66%
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Thread: You decide, first edition!

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    Funcom employee You decide, first edition!

    Note: For some reason Genele's account couldn't post a poll here, so I'm posting on her behalf.

    Now that the 18.7 branch is getting really close to a “testlive” state the team has had many planning meetings for future content releases. One of the ideas that came up was letting the community choose from a short, vetted list of things we should work on next.

    To make this voting meaningful, we need to deliver on these options in a timely manner; this means the projects would be relatively short and we can expect each option to take 3 - 6 months from start to going "live". We will do our best to deliver in time, but you have to take into consideration that we also have to work on 18.7, the engine, and other things at the same time. If this initiative is a success, we will try to make it something we do on a regular basis.

    Note that for each option, we already have a more in-depth (longer) design, but to keep things manageable we will only present a short summary.

    Option 1: New Instance
    A new high level raid instance for the Pyramid of Home which will feature two new and difficult and unique bosses and new high level loot. This instance will be a challenge for players who have seen and done it all, and is meant for level 220 players.

    Option 2: Monthly Boss Events
    Design and implement one boss encounter per month. Every month would bring a new world boss with unique boss only available from the event. To receive the reward, you would simply have to join the raid, and every month would bring a different reward. These events would be of a relatively small scope since there would have to be 12 of them.

    Option 3: Pathfinding
    Upgrade the pathfinding system to improve the quality of NPC pathfinding. The first deliverable would be to change and improve the data used by the current NPC pathfinding, with the end result of NPCs getting stuck less (This includes pet pathing). If the initiative is a success and this option is picked, there will be a possibility to continue improving this system in following "You decide" editions.

    Option 4: New Shadowlands Mission
    Create an alternative to standard inferno missions or heckler killing. We would make a new mission type for the gardens with focus on team play. This mission should give the same reward regardless of level.
    As part of this initiative, we would also investigate if we could base the xp reward amount on the mission level and not the level of the mission roller so that the old inferno missions would be less wait and more play.

    Option 5: Making changes to Towerwars
    Redesign tower mechanics. This change would affect how towers are held and captured, pvp ranges and pvp range rules in land control areas, tower health and abilities, gas cycles, and so on. The new system would give you a warning/notice of when you need to defend, instead of the very big timeframes where towers are currently open for attack.

    The poll will be open for 14 days.
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    Funcom employee

    Second first or something!

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    I'd be content with anything at this point, though having read through the options, I'm not entirely confident the dev team could deliver on any of that within the given time-frames.

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    Totally voted for the new instance tho tbh i love the idea of a monthy boss (apartment boss anyone?). Population being what it is right now i suspect Tower changes will win
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    Keep the pathfinding the way it is, it's something unique and interesting in its own peculiar way. And a part of AO tradition by now.

    But new Home instance? Yes, please. Finally a continuation of the Shadowlands/Aliens/Xan storyline!
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    Something else other than Inf missions?

    *starts hammering the vote option*
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    New instance, which might mean new lore and more story!

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    If option 1 does win can we please have loot that is an lateral upgrade instead of vertical upgrade. If its new loot ofc.

    This "You decide" style of game direction is also a nice welcome.
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    I voted for the monthly boss event because it would be positive for the whole community.

    Anything that brings us all together can only be good for a small game like AO.
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    gogo new instance!
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    "Option 1: New Instance"

    Nothanks. Why ? Because my faith in current content-designers is gone long time ago. We do not need more overpowered items.

    "Option 2: Monthly Boss Events"

    Nothanks. Timezones, and being able to attend besides timezones matters here for me.

    "Option 3: Pathfinding"

    Yes, about time to fix things that are broken in this game.

    "Option 4: New Shadowlands Mission"

    I really don't mind inf-missions, I just make sure to not make every day grind-day.

    "Option 5: Making changes to Towerwars"

    I can not care less about towerwars and the mb-complaining community that belongs to it.
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    For me AO is NW since I got my first char 210+, so I'd like Towerwarchanges!
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    I cant vote because there is no "All of the above" option.

    AO really needs all of that and granted, all of that cant be developed in a timely manner. However, many of the things on this list have been asked for for years.

    From a re-launch perspective the new instances and boss events should be on the lowest point in the totem pole. I understand that no new content has been introduced since LoX (Gauntlet doesn't count that is just flavor of the month) but just an instance or a boss encounter affects a minority, does not improve the over-all game and seems a bit lack luster. I do think they are good and fun ideas, but those 2 things need to be introduced with something thick players can sink their teeth in to.

    Pathfinding is a very good one, most future new players are use to mechanics that help them find people and places much easier. Having something like this will really help on a re-launch.

    New SL missions is also very important. When a paid new player hits SL (specifically Ely) that player will find a lack of people to kill hecks with due to the fact that most are in a kite team and those kite teams yield more XP per hour than any other content at that level range. The goal for those missions would need to be quick, easy, yield XP, credits and gear. The option to solo these types of missions must be an option as well. The goal of these missions should also be to provide a more progressive leveling experience in that your character becomes stronger as he does the missions because he is finding gear and earning credits to buy gear as well.

    Lastly tower wars. This is also important too. It is safe to say that most people who continue to play AO do so for its PvP whether that is duels or other. The tower wars mechanics is extremely out dated. Approaching this problem will take a lot of time to fix because it isn't a simple solution and with changes to professions on the horizon toolsets and effectiveness will change not at all, dramatically, or subtly for some.

    To reiterate, AO needs all of these changes. FC should merely choose the one that is highest priority (or easiest to implement) and be systematic about the other choices. Whether that is the ultimate intention of this thread, to vote every few months on what players want to see next, but all of these are worthwhile changes that need to happen (as well as hundreds more).

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    Pyramid of Home aka Shadow Crypt ?

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    Where's the option for more social clothes ?(((
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    Very nice idea. Voted for what I think would benefit the game more, and not what I'd personally prefer. I really do want all of them, though.
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    Towerwars change definitely, after all these years, most of us would love a change in NW mechanics.
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    Might I suggest posting something about this on the AO launcher? As we all know, a large chunk of the playerbase steers very clear on the forums meaning the poll is always gunna have a degree of inaccuracy.

    Throwing the word out there helps alot.
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