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Thread: IRRK: Bomb detonates in Restricted Omni-Pol Outpost Port New Thera

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    IRRK: Bomb detonates in Restricted Omni-Pol Outpost Port New Thera

    IRRK: Bomb detonates in Restricted Omni-Pol Outpost Port New Thera
    March 18th, 29488

    At 0800 this morning, occupants of the Sunrise Station and orbital sensors detected a massive chemical-shockwave emanating from Port New Thera.

    Immediately probes were launched to investigate the source of the detonation, while access to Port New Thera is limited, there were high concentrations of notum in the area prior to the energy wave.

    Upon reaching the area, no structural or geological damage was detected, however all signs of life showed massive recent infection of unauthorised cybernetic technology that was rapidly spreading, drastically altering their tech to biological material internal ratios.

    Of the sixty infected individuals, scans recorded ten died at the time of the detonation, five died of internal bleeding, one died of heart failure and the rest moved through what the probe detected as a 'high concentration of notum localised in the area' and disappeared.

    It is not known at this time where the bomb came from, who it belongs to and or what the weapon is designed to truly do.

    Omni-Tek was unable to comment but cordoned off the area shortly after the infected individuals left the area.

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    Oh. Crap. That's gruesome.

    From a forensic standpoint, there are lots of elements that can do something this brutal but still leave materials intact. Sonic Pulses, Kinetic and Concussion waves that operate within specific output ranges, Hydrostatic Shock, Neutron Emitters, Microwavers, and the like.

    Hope any of that helps.
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    Port New Thera is in the Reck, a terraformed zone on Rubi-Ka that has been heavily restricted for years and observes top security measures. Which basically means that no one but Omni-Tek secured personnel has access to it. That points to an insider job, an attack made by employees of the corporation or anyone that the corporation has given access to Port New Thera. I hesitate to believe they've given such access to clanners and neutrals, and that this is why they're not commenting.

    If this is indeed fact, and those individuals are at large and actively fighting the corporation, I'd like to extend an offer of extraction and safety within the clans.

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    I agree 150%

    Despite who the victims are, this is no way for good soldiers to die. I offer that if that any survivors of this battle come forward to our clan, that I will offer protection and amnesty until such time as they can be safely returned to their families. I mean this, and without malice, provided the refugee soldiers observe the same.
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    Also, I'd like to point out that 'high concentration of notum localised in the area' is something I've personally observed during a time when I was tracking a group of individuals that had the ability to slipstream through refurbished experimental grid technologies.

    You can track them, but you have to zero in on which specific slipstream tunnel they use.
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    There's means to tap into Notum viens and ride those to any given location with an attuned garden key. Geers and her troops have been coming and going from the shadowlands, but not through Jobe. Bahirae and other refurbished B-Units have also been operating out of the Shadowlands too.

    Thing I don't get is how they are hitting those veins from Ka, unless they're using those new-ish beacon devices.

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    Again, I've seen the same thing. When the Shadow Compendium were harassing us, we learned that they were using refurbished xan technology to beacon themselves through an elaborate network that hasn't been released to the public yet. My guess is that its connected to the source, and if thats true then there is a webwork of channels they have access to and from the shadowlands, with critical choke points being available on the Island of Fear and Loathing in Deep Artery Valley, The City of Home, The Dig in Perpetual Wastelands, The Unicorn Hub that can be reached from Andomeda ICC Platform, and Jobe Platform to name the known ones.

    The Dig could be ruled out because its constantly surrounded by threats, but any of the others could potentially be ridden with less difficulty. The clearance access to the Unicorn Hub Assembly OR the City of Home is where I would start. Theoretically, Omni-tek could have a location hidden by its own Administration. I've no proof but its entirely possible.

    When I discovered the existence of these channels I learned shortly thereafter were made with Spirit-tech. I went to work right away to copy the framework of these devices. I realized only too late that Time Space is a... pesky and fickle nanoscience. Some lives were lost but ultimately the math is sound. The computations between dimensional planar variables relating to point X, Y, Z, and Omega must be absolutely precise to the very letter. Trust me on this. Absolutely precise! To do it, you need to have access to a grid tunnel network, an AI suite that can compute distance to ℓP (plancks). 1.616199(97)×10−35 metres. See attachment for further deatils.

    This is on top of a transprojection device, similar to a grid array. Also, you can set a beacon in realspace that could anchor your signal. I highly suggest doing this because its nice to have a integrated system in case math fails, and its precisely how Whompahs work.

    The Value of ℓP is this. where c is the speed of light in a vacuum, G is the gravitational constant, and \hbar is the reduced Planck constant. The two digits enclosed by parentheses are the estimated standard error associated with the reported numerical value. Like I said. Pesky.

    And if you know nothing about Physics, Macrophysics, or Time Space, then I just threw a crapton of Greek Salad at you.
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    Ugh, Salad.

    Alright, useing old complicated Xan Tech. Gotcha.

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    A statement shall be issued over the next few days.

    I will take no questions at this time.
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