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Thread: IRRK: Borealis under new management.

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    IRRK: Borealis under new management.

    IRRK: Borealis under new management.
    April 1st, 29488.

    A treaty signed early this morning saw Borealis undergo a new lease of life in relation to it's shops, clubs and general experience for both visitors and residents.

    Borealis' New Manager Sillahirasuiriban-Vonchelladodecahedronica Unpronouncia, promised that "Borealis will see a new age of peace and prosperity, hope and tranqulity."

    Rumour also has it that Sillahi-....Sillahur-....That woman is behind the gas being raised to 101% in Borealis. When we asked S...her to comment on the situation she simply stated. "The less people will be fighting, the more people will be spending."

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