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Thread: dillon armor, aban fala bracers, gotv, pet steal back

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    dillon armor, aban fala bracers, gotv, pet steal back

    hey guys,

    im looking for:

    - aban fala bracers (from sl by)
    - dillon armor ql as high as you have (not nova dillon)
    - grail of the virgin
    - pet steal back

    i offer a lot, credz/rbp/300 css/300cc/300 supple/pioneer bp/igocs/whatever you want
    id trade pioneer backpack straight vs gotv/aban fala, or anything else up to a value of 5b (negotiable)

    drop me a tell and im sure we can figure something out!
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    I don't think bumping the thread just because there are 1-2 threads above you help alot tbh

    but : Free bump

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    aban fala bracers arent from sl by, they are from the quest mob in nascence yutt thrak (or whatever his name is at brawl) - he used to be killable and those dropped, but now is no longer killable

    Good luck and free bump!

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    there's at least 2 aban fala bracers still around.

    I sold em for bunch of Bs a few months ago.

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    yeah and i could slap myself for stopping to bid at some point :P

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