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Thread: OTPC Freelance: Interview with Newland Trade Minister Leileena Chan

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    OTPC Freelance: Interview with Newland Trade Minister Leileena Chan

    OTPC Freelance: Interview with Newland Trade Minister Leileena Chan - January 21st, 29488 - Andrew Phillips

    Newland's Minister for Trade Leileena Chan was interviewed by the OTPC where she reflected on recent events and thoughts for the future.

    Good evening Minister. A pleasure to see you again. Thank you for sparing some time to talk to me today. How have you been?

    I have been quite good, thank you

    I'm glad to hear it! It's been some time since Newland has been in the limelight. How do you feel about the events last summer and Serugiusu's conspiracy? I understand that spilled over to Newland near the end of the fighting.

    The Serugiusu incident has indeed had an impact on Newland as well. Even if it hadn't come to within our city walls, it's something that caused worry among the people in Newland. Luckily a joint effort to remove her from power before even more damage was done has been successful in the end.

    I recall you were personally involved with organising some of those efforts. What was it like to see both Factions and the Neutrals working together for a common cause?

    I can not comment on my alleged involvement in the resistance efforts. However, I have indeed noticed the strong bond it created among people from all factions and backgrounds. It is empowering to see we're still capable of making a fist against whatever threatens our existence, despite our differences.

    And what do you think about the new CEO, Eva Pourais? Might this trend for friendly cooperation continue?

    I do hope so. In Newland we have long been able to co-exist with both factions during the leadership of Silverstone and Zora, but it would be in all of our benefit to have a more friendly interaction on a planetary scale.

    You've said previously that you feel it would not be appropriate for the Sentinels to maintain a leadership position amongst the Clans whilst they are under investigation. Did their isolationist policies also contribute to this view? For example, their reticence for cooperation and openness, with Newland, The Corporation, and, recently it seems, fellow Clans.

    This doesn't really contribute to my opinion someone under investigation should not have a leadership position in the same body that investigates them. Them refusing cooperation to fellow Clans may be a factor as to -why- they're being investigated though. Or why a thorough investigation may be in order.

    Indeed. What are your own hopes for the future for yourself, and the City?

    Well, for Newland, as Trade Minister, I of course hope our city continues to thrive. There may be some interesting changes coming this year to give the city even more to offer in terms of shopping and entertainment. As for myself, I have some new business plans on my desk, so I hope to offer some more services soon.

    Can we have any teasers about your plans?

    Well, I can't say too much. But I'm looking into expanding my entertainment and event services, as well as possible real estate management.

    That sounds very exciting! Thank you for your time Minister. I'm sure we'll hear more of you in the coming year.

    You are most welcome. And I sure hope so!

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    Hmmm .....

    Is Newland City in need of funds for the changes the Trade Minister mentioned? I notice that Leileena has started selling items in the local GMI market.


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    Offerings on the Global Market are generally not on behalf of the city, unless specified otherwise.
    My global market listings are personal business.

    Any changes to benefit Newland City will be paid from city income in the shape of business taxes or other. If there will be a project that requires additional funds, this will most likely be done trough public fund raisers or political sponsors.

    Leileena Chan
    Minister of Trade,
    Newland City Council

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