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Thread: Zod LR

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    Zod LR (Bought IG)

    Finally got them Huge shoutout to Soju!

    PST to Cheezystun!
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    Increased my offer.


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    Offers still stand.


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    Don't sell him. He doesn't need them.
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    Perkable - 220/30 Crat
    Enforcblack - 220/30 Enf
    Blacklist - 200/30 Adv
    Blackhawkzz - 200/30 Crat
    Nano93 - 168/23 NT
    Blackhawkss - 164/22 Sold
    Black - 150/20 Enf
    Blackhawks - 126/15 Agent
    Cannibalz - 92/9 Enf
    Blackhawks00 -57/6 MP
    Blackhawkd - 29/3 Tard

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackhawks93 View Post
    Don't sell him. He doesn't need them.
    Lmao! Offers still stand. Yes I do Don't listen to this guy.
    Thanks for the free bump

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    I've been posting for weeks on Dnet, Neutnet, forums, shopping channels, and lft.

    Not sure if people just don't like credits or if the game is that dead.

    Prices are good, I just don't have time to farm them myself.
    It's a left zod and a right zod. People can 2 man this.

    Also paying 600m for HI Specs now


    In Game Toons:


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    Bought HI Specs IG

    Still need the other 2 Zod Items


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    Increased offer on Quick-Draw Holster of Aries


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    There is still money to be made if you people want.

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    Increased Price.

    Post here or send tell ig to Cheezystun | Slacklin

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    "I don't know what you heard about me, but I'm a mothaf*ckin' B-U-M-P!"

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    Bump. Coming on 2 months of being on the forums for the same 2 items.

    Do you people not like money?

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